5 Self Designed Bedsheets That Would Add Luxe Touches to Your Small Attic Bedroom

With the festival season almost dancing and knocking around, it is time to make use of the attic or the extra-room at the mezzanine floor, so that you could accommodate your friends and family members for an overnight stay, when they come to meet and greet. Remove those old boxes and install a make-shift bed; furnishing it with chic luxe Egyptian cotton bedsheets for the glam touch and vintage appeal. In addition to that,

Revamp the lightingHere are five ways to make sure the extra room converts into a cozy nest too- read on!

Hire a certified electrician and remodel the area with new outlets and board switches, because there would be one too many techno gizmos used by the occupants. Extension chords to use are cumbersome and unappealing to the eyes, but do take stock of the current needs and the location of each outlet. Keep it at safe distance from the bed and the side-table, should there be children staying in that room. Spruce the bed with a chic playful bedsheet design, bringing in vibrancy and youthfulness to the old room that is hardly used.

Which is the access point?

Do you have a traditional door that leads you into the attic or it is a small curved arch that has curtains, separating the attic from the rest of the house? Are there staircases leading up to the attic or do you have the attic on the same floor? What you could do is to remodel the area with the help of chic bedsheets; make the access point a welcoming one, using colorful bedsheets on either side as curtains.

Do up the walls

In most cases, an unused attic or a room would be left unfinished. What this means is that there are beams and studs and no drywall, which is why you need to have a little insulation given to the room, before allowing room for others to bask in. There should be enough space for air circulation and a window for ventilation too- get in touch with a certified contractor to help do the same. Finish the walls with chic wall decals and you can DIY some of them on your own with luxe bedsheets as wall hangings.


Match the bed furnishings primarily to the wall colour and that of the floor too. Insulation is a must, but to make the attic a bonus living space and soon, you should laminate, polish or shine the floor as well- carpeting is cheaper and keeps the room warm and toasty too, but ensure that the carpet design and style you choose, would be in sync with the colours of the pillows, the duvet, the quilts and the bedsheet you plan to throw over the bed!

The attic can be harsh and hot during the warm summer months and biting cold during the Delhi winters, and this is why regulation of temperature or temperature control is so important to adhere to. While you check for certified remodelers and contractors around the nation’s capital, do take a look across reputed bedsheet retail stores online for chic luxe bed furnishings, bath and linen to add to the new bonus room you have conjured out of nothing! And we hope you loved the five bedsheet options we showed you too!

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