5 Different Ways Your Luxe Bedsheets Could Double Up as Exquisite Home Décor

If you have been following us on social media and reading our blogs, you would have noticed how we guide everyone on what to decorate their bedrooms with, and if they have extra luxe Egyptian cotton bedsheets, how they could convert it into haute fashion statements too.

More options to play with

With the festive season knocking, one would have no second thoughts on picking up luxe funky and very vibrantly colored bedsheets, which would bring in elegance and a sense of charm into the home for sure, and cheerfulness into the cozy bedrooms too. But that can be done in more ways than one; more than just laying a sheet over your bed that is.

Picking up luxe funky and very vibrantly colored bedsheets

Let’s repurpose our sheets

Today we would like to play with more home décor options, using luxe Egyptian cotton bedsheets. Please read on and apply the same!

Turn them into lovely window accents

Yes, this is the simplest way to turn your vintage luxe Egyptian cotton bedsheets into something so fine; your windows need a little dolling up too. it not only adds more charm to the bedroom, but doubles up as curtains and saves your money on expensive window furnishing as well. Drape them well or let them hang loose, use your imagination and creativity when fitting the sheets on a curtain rod, and your room would have a new look instantly! For added charm and grace, buy twin sheets in the same pattern and hang them on the curtain rod; tassels on either side for the grand look!

As a dining table cover

Worried about getting your luxe dining mats and table cloths ruined, thanks to the stains from food, sweets and other savories being served while the festival of lights is on? The answer is simple, use Egyptian cotton bedsheets as a table cloth. Why? Before you drop your jaw on this one, think about how easy it is to wash and clean and maintain these precious bedsheets (we have already spoken to you about stain removal in another blog). These are sheets made from high-quality thread count and they do not wear or tear easily.  From polka dots to large stripes, floral patterns to plain satin touches, choose your sheets and match it up!

As a wall decal

Pick any of the luxurious bedsheets you find and create a wall decal from it. It is very simple to make one for your bedroom or maybe for your mother-in-laws bedroom too. All you need to do is to lay the sheet down flat, and place a four squared frame on top of it. The edges should be folded into the sheet, and with the help of an industrial stapler, get the edges fixed. If need be, give the edges a trim for a fine finish. Hang it up and be proud of the new furnishing in the room!

As a cover for the fridge

A very easy solution to making fridge covers, and no matter how many liters the freezer box would be, any chic luxe Egyptian cotton bedsheet can give the coverage much needed. We would look at pretty vibrant designs on bedsheets for this project. Just ensure you double wrap the sheets and stitch the hemlines to a finish. Place the double wrapped sheet now on the top of the fridge side-wards and allow it to rest. You may now place other items on top of the fridge.

As pillow covers

Should you want the same designs as that of your Egyptian cotton bedsheets for your pillow covers too, here’s a simple way to have it all- matching, matching! Pick up a pair of the same bedsheets in the same print or design and cut each sheet into half. Use each half to wrap around the pillow, for fitting sake. Grab hold of a needle and thread to stitch the sides and the hemlines. Voila! Accented pillow covers in the same style, design and look, ready in no time!

Mix and match, play along and have fun!

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