A Bedsheet Buying Guide

Which Type For What? A Bedsheet Buying Guide For 21st Century Super Homemakers

By Mansi Kohli

We’ve heard your pleas, loud and clear. As a new-age homemaker, you would want to have the chicest touches and a luxe approach when remodelling your home, the bedroom and its furnishings included (Bed sheet designs), so why the compromise! Now here’s what we would want you to do- imagine the softest and cosiest bed you have slept on!

  • The sheets felt soft and nice, didn’t it?
  • The bed was inviting and lusciously appealing, wasn’t it?
  • Comfortable to the core, you really didn’t want to leave that bed!

And why did that happen?

High quality Egyptian cotton sheets, the answer to all the three fantasy questions above, we asked you- yes, the textile was so fine and with such high thread count that too, which is why your night’s sleep was magical and refreshing.

Ask yourself one more question

How long do you want your sheeting to live? The lucky few who really know how to pick high-quality sheets and Bedding sets in India made from the best craftsmanship, know their sheets would last for a good amount of years, providing the best eight hours of sleep every night. So shouldn’t the sheets you buy, feel as good as the designer haute couture you wear- against your skin?

A smart sheet shopper’s mini-guide!

Duvet Covers OnlineDon’t worry yourself silly with not knowing the facts on Bed sheet sizes, when picking up from the luxurious of the lot. Here is a mini-guide for reference, which would keep you informed on how to be a smart sheet shopper!

1. Thread count:
The higher the better, no questions asked! Also check for the weave density of the fabric, because that would tell you how strong and long the sheet would last.
2. The Material
A. 100 percent pure Egyptian cotton is the topmost and the best! Very expensive!
B. 100 percent Pima cotton is soft and second to Egyptian cotton in ranking. Affordable!
C. 100 percent poly-cotton is a combo of synthetic and natural fibres, making maintenance a cakewalk should there be a spill of liquids!
3.      The weave

Let’s take a look into the weave of the sheet, which makes benefits galore come to us. For your information-

1. Percale would be much lighter in weight and the weave is close, which is why the smooth touch and finish is a crispy delight to the hands.
Sateen on the other hand has plenty of yarn surface, much more than other bedsheets and bed linens woven. This brings about a softness and smoothness, quite exceptional and luxe, on the lines of satin fabric.
2. Flannel is nothing more than cotton that has been immensely brushed, and measured in ounces per square yard; ignoring the thread count when the weaving of a sheet happens. Such sheets are heavy and best for the cold climes to doll up the beds with, and finally,
3. Twill, where welt yarns are spun around warped yarns twice, so as to bring about the ribs and diagonal line effect.

Duvet CoversOther important considerations

There are other considerations of prime importance to know off, and here is a list-

1. Cheapest bedsheets and Pillow Covers are made from muslin, and the thread counts are low as well. Some are wrinkle-resistant, and made from stiff-cotton poly blends, which can be machine washed too.
2. Satin-silk sheets are best used when the climes are nippy and cold, since the material is spun in such a way, where the heat is trapped in them. The feel is that of luxury when the sheets touch the skin, and one shouldn’t buy satin-style sheets or Duvets Covers, not made from satin, but polyester, or else risk skin infections ahead!
3. If you do plan to pick cotton-jersey sheets, the choice isn’t bad since it allows the skin to breathe, and are apt for all seasons too. However, the colours on them would run and the patterns would fade over time.
4. For hot Indian summers, think of Egyptian cotton Designer Bedsheets and linen sheets, which last long and are a good investment as well.

We hope this guide on picking the right bedsheet comes in handy. Take care while shopping for Bed sheets online, and make it worth the investment too.

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