“A Dream doesn’t become reality through magic.

It takes Sweat, Determination and Hard Work”

A farmer plants a seed in his farm, nurtures it, makes it grow and plucks when it’s apt to be sold and finally its consumed and so the purpose is fulfilled. Just like that seed, dreams initiate our actions. Our drive towards them decides our destination. By Adab is one such creation which aimed only for the satisfaction of the customer. Still striving and still pursuing to create, discover and design the bed and bath linen which provides a little more than just comfort.  

A Dream Doesn't become reality through magic1. How was ADAB started? Narrate a few incidents that accounts for its success.

Going back that lane doesn’t bring just one memory but ample of them. Though this company and its idea were provided by parents but it grew over years from nutshell. The vastness in knowledge and experience is also responsible for what it is now. The risks and the fears that come with the dreams are the price that every businessman has to give. Over the years, we only aimed at finding the ways that make us unique and extraordinary. Keeping our base fixed we promoted only extreme perfection.

2. What goals were set by this firm?

The most important factor that any new firm needs to lay their attention on is their quality. So our main purpose was to cater the premier and serene environment for our customers. After that we focused on attracting as much prestigious hotels as possible. The second factor is to expand in the right place. These talks look so easy to read but the most difficult to enact. It was important to make the customers get addicted to this product that they would never want to escape the ecstasy we provide them.

3. Who are the people behind ADAB’s success?

This firm is not owned by a single man. The hard work and perseverance was of the whole group. Being very fancy about his two kids Abhinav and Aditya the name is given Mr. Sanjeev Aggarwal (Chairman). Everybody played their role well otherwise it wouldn’t have been what it is now. Other two people involved in the startup are Abhinav (Director- Management) and Aditya (Director- Marketing). But still it was a team effort and it goes to every single person in the team of ADAB.

4. How far have you come in all these years and where do you see yourself in next few years?

Well, it seems like one day I was dreaming about it and as I woke up the next morning, my dream came true. But the hard work all have put in since 2009 is what matters for our success. Every day was a challenge. The best thing about this firm is we always explore something new; coming out with different ideas and one never stops learning. At first it was our task to attract the customers but now our journey depends upon how far our customers take us. Because we have maintained the quality of our products and never compromised over it. The way we began we still are the same efficient and qualitative producers not affected by the colors of success. So we only aim at pleasing their requirements and always trying to be being better than the best.

5. Describe about the extreme situations experienced in your journey.

Earlier, in the start it was arduous to face every day obstacles as we were new in the market. Learning the do’s and don’ts, if’s and wont’s, took a long time.  But we did shine out and entered in the limelight. I strongly feel that it was our creation of different styles and fabrics in bed and bath linen that make us stand apart from others. We not only aim at the design but equally at the comfort. It should be pleasing to the eye and serene in touch. Enthusiasm carries our spirit and our team effort will carry us further.

Customer Review:

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