A Love Triangle Or A Rectangle For Your Sheets

A Love Triangle Or A Rectangle For Your Sheets- Fitted And Chic In A New Form

It is but frustrating to fold your fitted sheets when not in use, and they can be a little space consuming too. The linen closet at home needs space to breathe, and if left to the maids at home to do the folding, they would wrap it anyhow and throw the sheets in. Popular blogs and sites online can teach you a thing or two on how to best fold the fitted sheets. But who has the time to go searching and browse them all.

Goodbye wrinkled and scrunched sheets

Fitted Sheets Online for youHearing your pleas, we would like your linen closet to be organised and chic, and that is why we would want to share with you an easy way to fold those fitted sheets. Goodbye again the old ways of folding the sheets you’ve had and slept on so far- let’s think rectangles and triangles this time. And if you are a right-handed homemaker like most of us, play a little with the left-hand technique now!


Assuming you’ve washed your sheets and they’ve been dried well, here are instructions on how to fold your fitted sheets, should you not want a triangle.

  • Hold both the corners of the sheet while standing upright, and focus on the edges with your fingers gripping them
  • The sheet would be inside out when you do that, and this is when you would have to place both your hands at both corners
  • Now gently get your right hand to the left of your body
  • In doing so, fold the right to the left and form an envelope
  • You now would have corners on both ends which hang in front
  • Reach down now and pick them up
  • Fold the sheets over where the corners are using your left hand
  • The corner here would be an inside out formation
  • Get the other corner up and fold it with the remaining corner, where the right side would be shown
  • This formation would bring about a triangular shape
  • Now lay the shape on the flat surface of your bed and straighten it out
  • To hide the elastic on the edges, get them folded
  • You now have a perfect rectangle shaped sheet, folded!

Instructions for the triangle shape

Should you want to have your fitted sheets folded into the shape of a triangle, here are the instructions to follow!

Yes we know how puzzling it can be to fold fitted sheets, especially with their Y SHAPED round elastic ends, but nothing is impossible to achieve!


  • Once the sheet is washed and dried, get them out at once so that wrinkles are not formed on them
  • Give it a good shake for a couple of seconds, in a gentle way
  • Let the sheet lay flat on the bed, across the surface
  • Grab the bottom left corner of the bedsheet with your fingers
  • Grab the opposite corner on the right and pull it over to the left
  • Do a repeat of the same, from left to right this time, with your hand in the corner of the bottom right.
  • You now would have two corners per hand to hold
  • Gently turn the corners in the left hand to the corners and over the right
  • This would give you four corners on your right hand
  • You have a square now, which would need to smoothen out
  • Do so with your palm
  • Take one corner now and fold it over, touching the end of one side
  • Your sheet is now a triangle

We hope these two step-by-step guides help you fold the sheets into rectangles and triangles, for easy storing and proper maintenance. If you have ideas of your own, we would love to hear them too- till then, happy ‘rectangling’ and ‘triangling’ your fitted sheets!

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