Bed linens corresponding to the festival of all seasons

India, a land diverse in languages and religions, group up as one for every celebration. The most hectic task during these seasons is the selection of uphars (meaning gifts). To lessen up your load we have come across an idea to list up the bed linens best suited to be gifted at a particular festival. It also majorly depends upon the way home is decorated during the festivals. Thus here all Indian festivals gather under one category and respective to that we have laid down a list of bed linen that suits them the best.

Cinema has always had a huge impact on people these days.

1. Diwali

It is one such festival of lights where the night shines brighter than the day. This day signifies victory over evil and at the night hour every house is fully lit. Thus corresponding to this category ‘Mantra’ is the apt bed linen to either be gifted or used at one’s own home. This category has soft colors which are not only pleasant in sight but an aura of peace. It has a combination of different shades with the white color as base. The cotton used is of the finest quality and the thread match is kept in contrast to that. In its surrounding one seems to rest their soul.

2. Bhai Dooj

This is the festival which has more than one name across the map of India. On this day sisters bless their brothers with aarti and tilak while brothers offer them with gifts and goodies. To decorate your room on this auspicious day Egyptian cotton bed linen would be the best. ‘Mrs cherry berry’ has the finest fabric, softest and long stapled cotton. It is luxurious and lively colors and flavors. Egyptian sheets are better as they have high count of cotton threads and they are soft as silk .

3. Durga pooja or navaratri

This is the nine day Hindu festival celebrated all across India. It accounts for the victory of durga over demons and all these days and nights are considered very auspicious. For such occasion it is mostly preferred to choose ‘Mrs Thar’ for its ethnic look and embroidery. This portrays the ancient art of India when everything was associated with nature. Thus the designs available suit this type of festival. The cottage industry uses modern technology to count the right amount of threads and keeping in mind the art.

4. Holi

This festival has different meanings in north and south India but all in all it is celebrated for the destruction of filth and impurity be it mental or physical. Thus for this festival ‘by adab’ offers the most appropriate style through ‘Mrs Select'. This hand-made bed linen has exquisite designs and all bright colors to signify peace all around. Generally the theme used is multicolored and this category offers a lot of variety. The fabric is used artfully and in the correct manner.

5. Karwa chauth

This is the most significant festival for women in India. This festival marks the incoming of agricultural season and thus yellow is the notable color of this festival. Owing to the agricultural weather, this festival corresponds to be the one most hygienic and thus ‘Mrs Eucacel’ is the one. This brand had Eucalyptus in its pure form as this plant has medicinal properties making the product Eco-friendly and sterile. While the vitamin E in the plant makes the linen suitable for sensitive skin and accommodates to the change in weather. This is the product is the most closest to nature similar to the festival it is associated with.

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