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In some countries they are even made from linen and bamboo too

Top 10 Handy Bed Sheet Maintenance Hacks

Take a very good look at the bed sheets you intend to buy. Look at the packaging and the label, identify which fabric has been used to make the sheets, and then visualize it in your bedroom, sprucing up the...

His name itself reminds us of his sarcastic comments and his resistive nature towards commitments.

Cast of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. And Their Type of Bed linen

The evergreen sitcom that is still among the top list of favourite TV series is F.R.I.E.N.D.S . For all the generations yet to come this show will any how become their preference. Almost everybody is..

If you don’t wish to give Designer Quilts away, make use of them by upscaling or reusing

Trendy Ways to Reuse Old Luxury Expensive Bed Sheets

While donating off or giving away a bedsheet or two can be a noble way to paying it forward to society, there are some of us who have deep emotional attachments to the bed furnishings and décor. Giving away...

A few wrinkles on the sheets are okay to deal with, and for sure isn’t a sign that the individual

Never Knew Messy Wrinkled Luxe Sheets Could Be So Sexy- Here’s Why!

This is a post especially for the bachelors out there, the one’s living alone and possibly single or maybe with other guy-pals that aren’t blessed with a touch...

Before we introduce you to the concept and the difference between flat and fitted bedsheets

Noted Differences Between Flat And Fitted Bedsheets Explained

Before we introduce you to the concept and the difference between flat and fitted bedsheets, we would advise you to use only the best linens for bed furnishings, no compromises on …

Luxe Bedsheets Storing Stories

Luxe Bedsheets Storing Stories: A Cozy Home For Extras At Home

With the festival season almost ringing away at our doorsteps, its that time of the year when near and dear ones come visiting with plenty of goodies galore. From clothes to mithai and home décor or home…

Just like other merchandises, linen also has a shelf life.

Role of good linens in Hotels

Only a person in Hospitality industry can understand the need of a good bed and bath linen. Quality of linen can make or break your brand name and image. Just like other merchandises, linen also has a shelf life…

To celebrate the bond of brother-sister love- Rakshabandhan, think functional and aesthetic

5 Luxe Printed Bedsheets To Gift Your Sister With This Rakshabandhan

She’s been your best friend, your confidante and she has known your love-hate stories too. We are talking about your bestie at home, your sister dearest...

High-end fashion ideas from the bedroom, using bedsheets!

Fashion for All- Diy maxi skirts made from luxe cotton bedsheets

Hello PYT’s, your new-age fashion era is here to stay, and the chant being hummed around is so boho-chic yet chick types to flaunt. Ready or not, you really …

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