Egyptian Cotton Designer Bedsheets For The Indian Summers- Luxe Sleep Assured

Egyptian Cotton Designer Bedsheets For The Indian Summers- Luxe Sleep Assured

By Mansi Kohli

Homemakers across the nation want their homes to look pleasingly inviting and functionally appealing. With every nook and corner of the house unique to the eyes, a homemaker would spend a lot of time planning the bedroom space too. Talking about the bedroom, it is a sanctorum where one gets to relax and unwind after a long hard day at work, sans disturbances of any sort. It is also a place where a couple would bond, talk things out or maybe individually groom and pamper one’s senses. Why would then one not choose the right bed furnishings, which brings us to the question, have you thought of picking up 100% Egyptian bed sheets for the Indian summers?

Egyptian Cotton Designer Bedding

Sprucing up an important aspect of your lifestyle

A well-decked bedroom should be a functional and a very comfortable one. In addition to the appeal it sends out, the bed in all its rights should be a welcoming piece of furniture. The quality of bedsheets therefore has to be of high-quality, sans compromises on thread count. Cotton, especially Egyptian cotton sheets, much more than synthetic, silk, poly-silk, poly-cotton or flannel for the hot (dry or humid) Indian summers would be the best to pick and use.

Why Egyptian cotton bedsheets?

While spending for bedroom furnishings, apart from value for money, one would look at the functional aspect of bedsheets too. The thread count in this case matters, which helps keep the body cool, even when used as a covering for a peaceful eight hours of sleep each night. Cuddle under sheets made from high-quality thread count and you’d know the difference, which is quite unmatched with other fabrics around.

Summers and the Egyptian Cotton

Summers are cruel and harsh in India. Every year the barometer shows us a rise and less respite from the heat and humidity around. The sultry-sweltering weather doesn’t allow one to snooze in peace, which is why cotton bedsheets (read: Egyptian cotton) suits the Indian sultry climes the best.

With Limited edition prints, one can be pampered with utmost durability and softness each night. The bedsheets are exceptionally woven to their best standards, and from 100% Egyptian cotton yarns (not the discards). The weave of 400 thread count brings about an extravagant luxe appeal and a silkish touch that keeps the skin happy and breathing.

Ever woken up to damp and wet sheets the next morning, wondering what on earth happened. A situation all too familiar, but our bodies do let out a lot of perspiration and grime while we sleep, even when the aircon runs at its full. Let that embarrassing situation not be your story, bring home the best of Egyptian cotton designer sheets; one that would allow enough air-circulation to happen.

Luxury at its best, the Egyptian cotton designer bedsheets are spun from super fine yarns and woven to be sturdy with each use. The finish is crisp and complete, visually appealing to the eyes and a welcoming to the senses as well. Always check for the tags, “Egyptian Cotton” when picking up bedsheets online or from reputed brick and mortar outlets.

Bring home a touch of luxury and the best bed furnishings

Known to be ‘top-of-the-line’ and from one-hundred percent ‘Egyptian cotton’, the long fibres help keep the surface of the sheet thin enough for plenty of air-circulation. Even though the fibres are thin, they have immense longevity with each use and can withstand the elements of summer around. A queen set or for a king-size bed, one has to bestow the grandeur around with the right set of sheets. Look for the best and bring home the royal touch today, the classic clean weaves with utmost luxury is a gift for keeps!

Get a feel of what Cleopatra slept on, and allow the Goddess in you a night of blissful snooze on a chic and very luxe King size bed sheets made from Egyptian cotton!

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