Essential linens and d├ęcor items for newly weds

Marriage is a very special occasion for a Bride and Groom and requires a lot of planning and organizing activities. Some of the essential checklists a couple needs to prepare together is their shopping registry for household items. This may include creating an extensive shopping list for clothes, kitchen items and the most special one is the Linens and Décor items for your home. Couple often tend to have their own style and designs in mind while creating their new home hence they require everything stylish and unique for each and every corner of their house.

It’s always recommended that a couple should make their shopping checklist together to avoid any repetition of things. Most of the things you already know but here are some of the useful and important items which should be a part of you checklist.


Essential LinensYou may already have bedding but you should always have a spare for your personal needs and an extra one for guest’s bed. Linens are something which is one of the top most utility items in house. You may want to have couple of them to give a new look to your bed room every time you change your bed linens. Ideal is to have bed linens with god thread count and an oversized down comforter. Another stylish way to create your bedroom is to have a nice blanket and duvet cover. As it’s your new home together, it’s fun to decorate it with style and warmth. Try to make your bed room feel fresh and lively all the time.

Fancy Lightings and lamps

Fancy lightings and Lamps are not only purchased for extra lighting but they give a very stylish feel to your home. Fancy lights and lamps create a different aura when it comes to style. Along with style they are meant to keep up the lighter mood at home. So you may try adding this to your checklist for a chic look.


Furniture is something which reflects your personal style and how you want to create a home with utility yet stylish items. You should decide about the kind of furniture you want in your home. This should be a couple’s combined effort because it can make or break your home style. Try adding your favourite couch and sofa for a comfortable yet trendy look.


Although small decorative accessories are not actually a necessity but very important to convert a house into a home. You should have good photo frames to add your special moments and space. You can also try adding vase for decorating fresh flowers for a positive and fresh feel in your home. Get more of cushions to give extra comfortable look to your couch and sofa. Put beautiful paintings to add a colourful look to walls.


Adding rugs is like adding a new look, it is always a favourite item for a couple because it not only improves the décor but also helps in protecting your floor. It also provides more warmth during winter season and look fantastic and are very cost effective.

We know how important it is to start your journey together so we try and make it even more special by giving some tips on styling which you will cherish for lifetime.

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