Feng Shui Tips For A Cozy Bedroom To Bring In More Harmony In A Couples Life

Make room for harmony, make room for love, make room for the special moments spent together, make room for quality time- make room for all this and more, with the right Egyptian cotton bed sheets or satin silk luxe Designer Bedsheets in use.

For many decades now, couples across the nation have used the ancient art of Feng Shui to décor their homes with. Feng Shui has been used extensively to liven up the home interiors, and to bring in the much needed peace, love and harmony, prosperity too. But did you know about the correlation between Feng Shui and the right Bed sheet designs - the twain can bring in much more than just a harmonious love saga in the room. Read on!

3 Feng Shui tips on choosing the right color bed linen for the room

Cinema has always had a huge impact on people these days.

Ask yourself these questions-

  1. How happy are you with the décor in your bedroom?
  2. Does it give you a sense of energy?
  3. Does the bed furnishing invite you with love and warmth?
  4. Are you in love with your bed, embellished with Bed sheets online?
  5. Are you happy with the colors of the room?
  6. What effect does the sheet’s color have on you?
  7. Is the design of the bed sheet bringing in that well-being you thought it would?
  8. Are the colors vibrant enough or an eye-sore on the sheets?
  9. Do the colors on the sheet bring in sense of harmony for the two of you?
  10. Does it give you a sense of personal expression?

Many questions and whats your answer?

If you’ve answered a “NO” to any of them, you need to seek help from a Feng Shui expert. With five important elements in the ancient science of Feng Shui to know off, your personality if defined with the energy of any one of these elements!

There is one specific color that brings in harmony for sure, and that’s rosy pink. Rosy pink Egyptian cotton sheets don’t weaken the visual delights or the senses; instead it energizes the body, the mind and soul when perceived. Does this now ring a bell as to why most honeymoon suites across the globe have a touch of rose-pink around?

Skin-tone shades

While we just praised the hue rosy-pink for a harmonious bed furnishing to have, don’t ignore the importance of neutral and nude or skin-tone shades for the bedding décor. Skin tone shades on Bedding sets in India bring in the much needed good energy and warmth into the bedroom. And the tone also matches up with the ambience, the furnishings and the wall colors too. In addition to being warm and earthy, nude or skin tone shades nourish the visual senses and creates an embrace of togetherness and bonding too.

 Explore the idea of pastel colors

While rosy pink and nude colors can complement one another for bed furnishings, let’s also focus on the aspect of Feng Shui and bed sheet colors such as deep chocolates to heavenly whites too. A play of contrasts on various Bed sheet sizes not only makes the colors around create an illusion of bright and larger rooms, but they also provide couples on an individual level a sense of space of their own.

You may want to create an amalgamation of tips 1 and 2, without this tip (tip 3), which is okay; but would that create the right aura in bringing about the harmonizing levels, couples so need.

Final word

One last question to ask yourself, “What is your personal favorite color?”

If pink is the color of romance and red is the color of love, would a combination of the two with subtle touches work for you? Not always!

Personal colors used in bed sheets and Pillow Covers work upon the element you’ve been born with. For example, if according to the Feng Shui doctrine you were born under the wood element, you would rather have large cotton or satin bed sheets in brown, emulating the element, than red or pink (fire element).

Individually we all are born under a star and an element, so find out what your better-half’s element would be, and with the help of an expert, make a decision on the right sheet and Duvets Covers colors to dress up the bed furnishings with!

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