Importance and Facts while buying best quality Linen

There have been a lot of discussion around Thread count’s importance and role in Bed linen. The usual questions we come across are, “Does higher thread count leads to good quality linens”, and however the answer is still unknown because sometimes a quality luxury bed linen with low thread count is also soft and lasts really long. So what is the truth behind the entire thread count debate?

What all you need to look at while purchasing a good quality linen. Let’s throw some light on the actual deciding factors while purchasing a best bed linen.


Stripe Bed linenEvery individual has a particular need of purchasing a bed linen. Although synthetic and polyester sheets are wrinkle free and durable but if you are looking for a feel and comfort, you must select 100% cotton because of couple of reasons

  • Cotton sheets easily absorb moisture and gives good touch to your skin.
  • Cotton has the capability of releasing dirt at the time of washing whereas polyester doesn’t release dust effectively.
  • Cotton sheets are meant for every season.
  • Most of the cotton sheets are similar in nature when it comes to features but Egyptian, Pima and Giza are the most high quality yarns.

Considering these parameters and individual needs, By ADAB has a huge range Cotton Linens. We do not compromise on quality and offers you an elite range of Egyptian cotton bed linens.


Weaving is one of the most important factors in deciding the look, touch and feel of a sheet. Basic sheets which are knitted with identical quantity of horizontal and vertical strands are not very expensive in range. Anything which is made of 300 threads/ Sq” or more is considered a good one with durability and soft touch. It’s a fact that more number of vertical threads gives you a better texture and feel.


Most of the linens are washed and treated with chemical for higher life and less shrinkage. To look more glossy and attractive, some of the sheets are even treated with alkalis.

There are very few manufactures who genuinely offers you a pure sheets without any use of hard chemical on them. Although it’s difficult to maintain their purity and gloss but if you can do it well, there is nothing like possessing a good quality and pure linen. There sheets not only look and feel good but also keeps you away from allergies and hard chemicals which are not good for skin.

You can have the privilege of buying such pure sheets at BY ADAB.

Dyeing and Processing

Almost all sheets are given pattern and colours post their weaving hence the sheet only feels softer after couple of washes. Few most expensive and soft sheets are made of dyed materials with best of the eco friendly processes.

By Adab not only offers you the genuine product but also consider good health and quality product as their first priority that’s why every product at By ADAB offers the lifetime guarantee. Most of our bed linens are used by generations. We have the unmatched quality and designs for every individual’s needs. 

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