Luxe Bedsheets Storing Stories: A Cozy Home For Extras At Home

With the festival season almost ringing away at our doorsteps, its that time of the year when near and dear ones come visiting with plenty of goodies galore. From clothes to mithai and home décor or home accents to receive, sometimes we end up with a little more than what we’ve bargained for. For example, a couple of more luxe Egyptian cotton bedsheets to begin with or maybe bed furnishings, one too many to house! So what do you do? Find an apt place to store them, of course! But the question is, are you storing them right? Let’s check on five tips to store the luxe bedsheets, and how to keep them safe, long and durable too!

Houses big and small, and with luxe touches would have their own storage perils to deal with.

Beat the small bedroom storage woes

Houses big and small, and with luxe touches would have their own storage perils to deal with. Folding costly Bed Sheets and tucking them away with naphthalene balls isn’t the only way to manage the stocking. You have to be meticulous about the way you fold and store the expensive cotton sheets; sans the stains, crease marks and the pesky onslaught of elements and pests!

Give your storage wardrobe a makeover

So you have a wardrobe separate and dedicated for the linens to store, great! Divide the wardrobe into shelves, which would house pillow cases, Quilt Covers, duvet covers, bedsheets, bed linen and more. The brand new sheets that haven’t been pulled out from their chic packaging yet should be kept right below- the last shelf possibly. This would make it easier for you to find them, when a special occasion or an event calls for a bedroom makeover. The middle shelves should have daily sheets and pillow cases to house- items used regularly. And right on top, place the daily expensive sheets, not more than three at a time.

So you have a wardrobe separate and dedicated for the linens to store, great!

Use newspaper

If you do opt to use naphthalene balls to keep the odours away and the pests too, use a sheet of an old newspaper. The old newspaper surface would help keep the stains away, and in turn protecting the sheets too. Place a single newspaper sheet in the middle of two bedsheets, and do the same for each level while storing Luxury Bed Linen in India.

Whites with whites

Quite often we tend to hoard and not bother about the way we do so- stop that right now. Similar fabrics should be housed together, and when it comes to colours, be smart and store whites with whites; coloured Bedding sets can be on the same shelf as the whites, but with a newspaper sheet between each of them and in the middle.

Under the mattress

Sounds crazy but that is what most homemakers do and it works. Such an idea not only frees up the closet space, but also keeps the sheets safe. Fold each sheet narrow and lengthwise, and then place them on top of the bare mattress, over which a fitted sheet should be used for covering and protection. While searching for quality Bed linen online, most homemaking blogs and sites would tell you the same.

Herb protection

No one likes clutter, and should you have no other choice but to house the expensive sheets in grandma’s attic or an old trunk, ensure that the place is safe from pesky moths and the rusty tales. To be very safe, always keep a few leaves of tulsi or sage tucked in a pouch and between the sheets. The leaves have anti-bacterial properties that repel moths and pesky elements – culprit killers of fabrics from sheets to Duvet Cover Sets and more.

Final word

Should you have brand new sheets gifted and the storage for the same is a must, we would ask you to wrap them bare in clean old newspaper sheets and not store them in the plastic bags. Fabrics need to breathe, and newspapers allow them to do so! Care for your sheets, Pillow Covers and the whole range of gifted bed furnishings, and they would last long!

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