Trendy Ways to Reuse Old Luxury Expensive Bed Sheets: Making The Bedroom a Fashionable Haven

While donating off or giving away a bedsheet or two can be a noble way to paying it forward to society, there are some of us who have deep emotional attachments to the bed furnishings and décor. Giving away what is a prized memento, even though old and not in use may not seem to be a feasible idea. What next? If you don’t wish to give Designer Quilts away, make use of them by upscaling or reusing- here are ten trendy ways to do so!

Bed Sheet Curtains

Splurging on curtains and yet not too satisfied with dolling up the window décor, think a little innovative and DIY this time with the old Covers or Bed Spreads at home. Creativity at its best, you can now have the chicest of cool curtains to decorate your windows with. Add a tassel to the sides of the curtains, and voila- a luxe touch to the flamboyant sheets!

Splurging on curtains and yet not too satisfied with dolling up the window décor

Casing for the baby’s crib

Your baby needs an haute touch to the crib he or she sleeps in as well. Why leave the crib when you are so concerned about the luxurious décor around- fold the sheet into two and double fold it thereafter, bringing about a soft impromptu casing for the sides and the bottom of the crib! Baby happy and you are happiest with a nice crib to flaunt!

Sun-bathing blankets

Indian winters can be harsh, especially in the north. Why wouldn’t you want a little more cosy cover while sitting and sipping chai in the winter sun? Instead of buying another shawl or a warm garment, think of reusing the sheet as a protective layer. Sew two sheets together, which should be the same size and weight, and use it as a sun bathing blanket!

Drawstring bags

Chic and trendy to carry anywhere you go, from shopping sprees to college needs, a drawstring bag is a treasure trove. But them not, rather DIY a bag of your choice and needs, reusing an old luxe sheet or Printed Quilts- it’s that simple!

Wall art

Convert the old hand printed sheets into wall art of various shapes and sizes. There are many tutorials online that would teach you how to do so. Believe us when we say, it wouldn’t take more than a day to curate and conjure chic wall décor and furnishings, reusing luxe old sheets!

Baby Carry-bag

A baby carry-bag is a must for mommies to have, and in many cultures it is known to be the best way for a mom and her toddler to bond as well. If you aren’t interested in the pram, carry your baby on your back or close to your chest- hearing the heartbeat of a mother, the baby stays calm and sorted.

A Waterproof Mattress Protector

 Toilet training the toddler takes time and asks for your patience. As a new-mom, you could reuse the old Luxury Bed Covers to cover the waterproof mattress protector at night, keeping the bed dry and safe for the baby to use the next day.

Hammocks for the Sunday lazy BBQ noons

Ditch the old ways of buying a hammock or using one made from tough fibres. If your Quilted Covers and Bedspreads are sturdy and strong, make a hammock using DIY lessons you would find online for the kiddies at home. They not only would be out there and playing, instead of being hooked onto their phones and Xboxes, but would also help the kids connect with the real world out there- nicks, cuts and a lot of fun involved. Haven’t we all been there and done that!

Window Shade

Mini window shades for the kitchen and bathroom can be done using DIY ways, and with the help of old flat sheets sans the need of no-sew panels!

While all of these ten chic ideas sound interesting to try, we would ask you to check online for the tutorials and follow the same. Believe us when we say, you wouldn’t need a helping hand to reuse the old bed sheets at home!

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