Monotone Fashion for The Bedroom- Black And White Bedsheets For Fall 2015

Black Bed SheetIf you plan on having dark floral Egyptian cotton sheets for your bedroom, or maybe black and white sheets, to bring on the trends of monotone fashion- 2015 is your time to play and experiment with, sans the worries.

Why black and white?

While whites are welcoming, blacks retract and are a little more subversive than the rest of the shades on a platter. Sexy and sensual, mystical and with an oomph factor of their own, living amidst touches of the heavenly whites with blacks, brings to mind images of the French Riviera or the Bordeaux tiny homes.

In addition to that, black and white sheets have a touch of definition and dimensions defined, and are great at handling bodily fluids too. From semen to blood stains, cosmetic stains to paws and toe prints of furry babies and humans alike, the sensual factor on keeping these sheets for long, wouldn’t die out any time soon.

While the shades of grey play

In between the shades of black and white, think about the room being spruced up with various shades of grey- from furnishings tiny and chic to duvet covers and pillow cases, complimenting and not contrasting the monotone couture of your bed set.

White BedsheetsYou could if you want add a freshman touch to the play of black and white with deep reds for bed furnishings- sleek pillow cases make the room much more romantic and wild. You could also think of light blue jersey toned pillow cases to go along with white and black sheets; your husband like most men would applaud you on your creative style.

Keeping it dark

Should you be living in climes too bright and vibrant, and if there is no way that your curtains can shun the imagery outside for long, look at the play of black and white sheets for an answer. With patterns and stripes, graphic designs or the simple plain B/W sheets to choose from; getting a little innovative would help you spruce up the liveliness of a bedroom!

1/3rd of your life in a bedroom

This is true, and we do spend one-thirds of our living lives in the bedroom, which means spending more time on those sheets. Black and white sheets are not fashion talks to follow only; they reflect your mood and personality too. Black and white sheets talk of crisp personalities, someone who knows their aim and ambitions, and can keep the adult bedding steamy and toasty as and when need be.

While picking up black and white Egyptian cotton bedsheets, speak with your spouse and decide on the range of prints and patterns or the styles of sheets you would want to buy. From fitted to flat, king sized ones to the single covers, there are tons of options for you to choose from and doll up your bedroom in.

The festive season is here, and breaking from the conventional norms in 2015 when it comes to home furnishings- especially your bedroom, should be your aim! Black and white thus it is, have fun picking from the best retailers online or otherwise!

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