Luxury At Its Best: Sleep On The 5 Most Expensive Bed Sheets Sold Today

By Mansi Kohli

Where is your money really invested? Where your time and emotions or sentiments are, of course! And since most of us spend almost ten hours in our bedrooms, should it come as a surprise when we say luxury bedding with Designer Quilts is the need of the hour?

Sleep On the 5 most ex pensive bed sheetsA list of the costliest top five bedsheets known in this day and age

  • Sferra Capri Honey Egyptian Cotton Satin 1020TC- At $670, the term ‘perfection’ is an understatement to tag this beautiful creation with. Luxurious for sure and made from satin weaves; the sheet has the highest thread count with the finest Egyptian cotton spun by Italian craftsmanship. With very intricate and one-of-a-kind designs woven into the sheets, the fabric comes at a price quite fancy!
  • Milos 1020TC Satin- At $745, the Milos 1020TC Satin as the name suggests is a creation born from pure and very fine Egyptian cotton, and spun through the hands of the finest Italian craftsmanship. The fabric is so fine, resembling that of mini-cobwebs and the sheet has intricate satin weaves spun into it as well. The hemstitches on the border along with its royal designs are proof enough that the price is worth every penny spent!
  • Millesimo by Sferra- At $1,395 and with 1020 per square inch of thread count, the luxurious the Millesimo by Sferra bedsheet woven in the hands of fine Italian craftsmanship is born from the fibres of the purest Egyptian cotton. One touch of the fabric tells you what it means to have the softest feel is all about!
  • D. Porthault Jours de Paris- At $1,900, we really don’t doubt the sheet to be one of the costliest bed furnishings ever made, using satin weave and lavish percale. Firm and crisp yet soft and cosy in its texture, who wouldn’t want to have a night’s good sleep under this creation!
  • Charlotte Thomas Bespoke- At $2,400, and let’s bow down to the most expensive of the five sheets, the Charlotte Thomas bespoke sheet has the softest and highest merino wool quality, and a thread count of 1000 and more, using Egyptian cotton. If that’s not all, the 22k gold threads spun into the fabric, makes this sheet more of a memento than a cover for the bed!

Thread count matters

Where back in the days of black and white, a 200 thread count bedsheet was okay to adjust to, and was considered ‘luxe’- the same cannot be said these days. Talking about thread counts, it is said, the more the vertical and horizontal thread counts to the name of a bedsheet, the higher would be its quality, comfort and feel too.

Keeping that in mind, a little homework done on bedsheets, Covers or Bed Spreads shows us how the world now has taken to the concept of having the most expensive bedsheets as bedroom haute couture to flaunt and use; right from the highest thread count per sheet, to the mind blowing texture and lightweight fabrics such as Egyptian cotton being used- nap times now are an expensive but an enjoyable affair for the crème- de- la –crème these days.

Properties common to the most expensive bedsheets

  • Most are made from 100% Egyptian cotton fibres, spun with the highest quality silk threads, bringing about the softest consistency ever and the chicest of designs too
  • The most expensive bedsheets (almost all) are conjured from the skilful hands of eminent designers, the world across and catered to a mass that doesn’t compromise on fine luxe lifestyles- Quilted Covers and Bedspreads included!
  • 500 thread counts are the minimum for such expensive bedsheets, made from the finest Egyptian cotton fibres and Prima too.
  • Suprima and Egyptian cotton is used with satin to conjure 800 thread count for silky touches on expensive bedsheets
  • The Percale weave has a thread count of around 400 to its name, and is a blend of polyester and cotton, making it fluffy and warm to touch, feel and cuddle into

What brings about the concept of luxury bedding?

Over the past decade or so, and ever since we have become a race of fast-timers, as consumers we have checked for all things creamy to add value to our lives. Concepts as humble as luxurious printed quilts, bed furnishings, a bed and bedsheets for that matter, sans quality compromise, are more than just luxury- they are but a necessity in this time and age!

Talking about luxury, would you spend your precious hard-earned money on bedsheets not worth the deal? Would you spend money to cuddle up on sheets that don’t give you the luxe appeal, the silky touch and the softness so needed at the end of the day?

The answer is a NO! Would you roll into your Luxury Bed Covers tonight, dreaming of these five expensive bedsheets, the world’s talking about; maybe YES!

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