Mrs. Thar Collection 150 GSM Quilt Jaipur Nakashi

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MTC Quilt Jaipur Nakashi

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Material :
Shell : 100% Cotton
Filling : 100% Cotton
GSM : 150
Color : Cyan

Add an ethnic bit to your sleeping room with Jaipuri ancient ethnic double cotton quilt cyan and blue color. This fine quilt has been handcrafted to stay you heat and comfortable throughout chilly winters. It comes in a very trendy pattern complemented with a perfect mix of colors and it is single side printed quilt. The hand block print makes the quilt an alluring addition to your chamber. It is here to offer you additional comfort whereas you take a decent night’s sleep. The quilt is made using cotton that's skin friendly and can not cause discomfort even to the foremost sensitive skins. The bed quilt may be simply maintained and is dry washed once in a while to keep new. so look with confidence! we tend to boost Indian Homes with our home improvement products

Country : Truly Indian (Made in India)



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Mattress Size

72" x 78" + 6" (183cm x 198cm + 15cm)

72" x 78" + 8" (183cm x 198Ccm +20cm)

72" x 78" + 10" (183cm x 198cm +25cm)

72" x 78"+ 12" (183cm x 198cm +30cm))

72" x 84" + 6" (183cm x 213cm +15cm)

72" x 84" + 8" (183cm x 213cm +20cm)

72" x 84"+ 10" (183cm x 213cm +25cm)

72" x 84"+ 12" (183cm x 213cm +30cm)

Fitted Bed Sheet
72" x 78" + 8" (183cm x 198cm + 20cm)
72" x 78" + 12" (183cm x 198cm + 30cm)
72" x 84" + 8" (183cm x 213cm + 20cm)
72" x 84" + 12" (183cm x 213cm + 30cm)
Flat Bed Sheet
110" x 110" (279cm x 279cm)
Duvet Cover
60" x 90" (152cm x 229cm)
90" x 108" (229cm x 274cm)
Super King
Flat Sheet
71" x 108" (180cm x 274cm)
91" x 108" (231cm x 274cm)
108" x 108" (274cm x 274cm)
120" x 108" (304cm x 274cm)
120" x 108" (304cm x 274cm)
Fitted Sheet
35" x 75" x 12" (88cm x 190cm x 30cm)
55" x 75" x 12" (139cm x 190cm x 30cm)
59" x 79" x 12" (150cm x 201cm x 30cm)
71" x 79" x 12" (180cm x 201cm x 30cm)
79" x 79" x 12" (201cm x 201cm x 30cm)
Deep Fitted Sheets
55" x 75" x 13.4" (139cm x 190cm x 34cm)
59" x 79" x 13.4" (149cm x 201cm x 34cm)
71" x 79" x 13.4" (180cm x 201cm x 34cm)
79" x 79" x 13.4" (201cm x 201cm x 34cm)
Duvet Covers
55" x 79" (139cm x 201cm)
79" x 79" (201cm x 201cm) 
89" x 87" (226cm x 221cm) 
102" x 87" (259cm x 221cm)
114" x 92" (290cm x 234cm)
Super King
Flat Sheet
71" x 102" (180cm x 260cm)
87" x 102" (220cm x 260cm)
104" x 108" (265cmx 275cm)
110" x 114" (280cm x 290cm)
Fitted Sheet
35" x 79" x 8" (90cm x 200cm x 20cm)
55" x 75" x8" (140cm x 190cm x 20cm)
63" x 79" x 8" (160cm x 200cm x 20cm)
79" x 79" x 8" (200cm x 200cm x 20cm)
Duvet Cover
63" x 83" (160cm x 210cm)
79" x 79" (200cm x 200cm)
94" x 87" (240cm x 220cm)
102" x 87" (260cm x 220cm)
California King
Flat Sheet
72" x 102" (103cm x 259cm)
87" x 102" (221cm x 259cm)
105" x 110" (266cm x 279cm)
110" x 114" (279cm x 290cm)
110" x 114" (279cm x 290cm)
Fitted Sheet
39" x 76" x 8" (99cm x 193cm x 20cm)
54" x 76" x 8" (137cm x 193cm x 20cm)
60" x 80" x 8" (152cm x 203cm x 20cm)
76" x 80" x 8" (193cm x 203cm x 20cm)
73" x 85" x 8" (185cm x 215cm x 20cm)
Duvet Cover
59" x 79" (150cm x 201cm)
79" x 79" (201cm x 201cm)
88" x 86" (224cm x 218cm)
102" x 86" (259cm x 218cm)
102" x 86" (259cm x 218cm)
80" x 106" (203cm x 269cm)
100" x 106" (254cm x 269cm)
106" x 106" (269cm x 269cm)
112" x 106" (284cm x 269cm)
114" x 106" (290cm x 269cm)

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Quilt : 90" X 108"

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