Pink or Blue?

Picking Bedsheets for The Expectant Mother This Festive Season

When expecting a new arrival; a baby, families would leave no stone unturned to make the crib the coziest cove in the world. Expectant mothers especially would put together every aspect of the baby’s nursery before the due date, and sometimes weeks in advance too. When picking duvets and comforters for the little one, bedsheets too, mothers should know that the bed sheets comeGender stereotypes are breaking across the world, and a nursery is now looking at neutral to pastel shades too. in varied sizes and shapes, pillows too. Hence choosing the right size according to the height of the baby should be the aim!

Colours galore

Gender stereotypes are breaking across the world, and a nursery is now looking at neutral to pastel shades too. Parents who aren’t too sure about the gender of the unborn baby too use their intuition and have a mix of light colours to doll up the crib with. It is but a matter of personal preferences, choice and taste.

Babies react to colours the way we do; it is their visual senses that helps them with perception development. Man-made notions of pink for girls and blue for boys are so last century and dark-ages! Softer colours and in pastel touches are the best bets to think off!

For the newborn

It is a fact that the newborn would be secure and would also feel safest when they have a cozy crib to sleep in or a luxe bassinet for the initial days. For cribs, the mattress would be a small one, much smaller than what adults use, and so would be the baby stroller too. Pillows are hardly used, since in many cases it has been noticed that the baby suffocates. But a small soft pillow in the crib can be useful while the baby isn’t sleeping, to cuddle with. Hence, washable and eco-friendly bedsheets and pillow covers should be used for thMan-made notions of pink for girls and blue for boys are so last centurye crib.

 It is not about the cute factor only

Focus on the cute and the functional factors together when dolling up the baby’s crib, and adhere to the baby’s body dimensions too. This would ensure that the baby is kept safe and healthy as well.

Keep in mind

The reason why we insist on eco-friendly and non-toxic sheets for the child is because the skin of a baby is delicate and very sensitive. The sheets you buy should be toxic and chemical free, and that with a seal of approval which has passed high quality standards.

Easy maintenance too

Don’t we know how much the little one froths, poops and sprays body fluids around, and as a mother you would need to care for the baby’s hygiene too- hence the sheets need regular change and washes as well. What you thus need are Egyptian cotton bedsheets that have high quality thread count and very easy maintenance standards.

In most cases, choosing Egyptian cotton bedsheets for the bedroom is a must, and for the baby’s soft skin, they are the best since the skin can breathe and the moisture circulation is high too.

These days, one would find a range of pink and blue and other colours for the baby’s cribs to choose from. Some mothers like the crib plain with satin sheets, while other mothers don’t mind a pop of colour, graphic or prints in Egyptian cotton for their little one’s cove. 

And before we end, from our team to yours- CONGRATULATIONS!

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