Remodelling the Bedroom for Mom and Dad in 5 Easy Ways

“Touching moment Ashton Kutcher surprised his mother Diane by secretly remodelling her entire Iowa home as a Mother's Day gift” - Source :

Well that was Ashton Kutcher (famous Hollywood celebrity) dolling up his mom’s home, as a gift for Mother’s Day for his mom in IOWA, USA! Let’s face it, through all the years of growing up, with squabbles and the generation gap, the love-hate fights and more, we tend to bond and grow closer to mom and dad, as we age.

Their twilight years

Mom and dad are coming home, and we Indians love having our folks over, staying with us. With due respect to every culture around the world, Indians since time immemorial take care and onus of looking after their senior folks till their last breath. This means, a bachelors pad or a love nest for the newly married couple wouldn’t be a shady pine anymore, instead one of the bedrooms (if not the whole house) has to be remodelled with high-end age-specific furnishings, Pillow Fillers, designs and creative planning. The house would now be a multi-generational one, and with five easy ways, you can make the twilight years of mom and dad, the best they could have ever dreamt of!

Luxury bed Sheets per season should be an inviting bouquet, for example, luxe gold-Indian top sheets with bright bolsters, for comfort and functionality

A personal sense of space

Gifting them a personal sense of space is what senior citizens need the most, just as they did for us when we were growing up before their eyes. From textures on the bedsheets and Best pillows to the colours on the walls, furnishings age-specific and functional that too, the surroundings should be their little personal haven, they’d love entering into. Make it meaningful for them, and with a luxe touch of comfort and happiness for the rest of their living years

But first, things to consider

  • What personal style would work best for them?
  • Do they want dim lights or a bright illumination?
  • Would they prefer a street-facing room or a quiet enclave?
  • Should the bed have two or more Spine pillows or would just two do?
  • Would they like stark bedsheets or have simple textures and patterns?
  • Would grandkids or pets sleep with them?
  • Their personal movement and lifestyle?

The safest bet

Bring back memories for them, from the time they were young and full of energy. Think about retro styles, and here’s how!

  • With the help of modern day moods, imbibe retro colours for the bedsheets chosen and tailored or bespoke embroidery touches for the luxe touch. Think of choosing Egyptian cotton designer bedsheets or bed linen online, which has head to toe streams of vintage touches and straight lines
  • Duvets and decorative vintage pillow designs, straight from the 70s maybe would be a great incorporation to have around. From greys to browns, caramels to chartreuse and more, add layers of pillows and accent them with the right vintage colour scheme to bring back the days of the old.
  • Play with the colour scheme a little more, when adjusting the bedsheets and those duvet covers. Let the duvet inspire the colour scheme of the bed furnishings this time, and play with an amalgamation of solid prints and patterns- duvets to bedsheets, respectively!
  • Don’t confine the look with a bed to pillow approach, instead, think of the match and mix, using a bouquet of high-quality coverlets, sheets and pillow cases. For example, bright orange sheets made from 100% Egyptian cotton with a tailored crisp pillow cover look, would keep mom and dad very happy! Maybe a raffia bed skirt below would bring on the Victorian touch, your childhood memory tells you a lot about!
  • Keep it season wise, which means a change of colours for the bedding and the textures matching the mood of the seasons they live by. Luxury bed Sheets per season should be an inviting bouquet, for example, luxe gold-Indian top sheets with bright bolsters, for comfort and functionality!

While mom and dad are busy making plans to relocate, you should be on your feet, shopping for the best luxury bed sheets. We’ve given you five chic ideas on how to remodel the bed furnishings for mom and dad. Now go ahead and gift them a lovely nest to call their own, sans the loss of personal space!

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