Role of good linens in Hotels

Only a person in Hospitality industry can understand the need of a good bed and bath linen. Quality of linen can make or break your brand name and image. Just like other merchandises, linen also has a shelf life. Good quality linen holds a critical place in Hotel’s brand appearance.

Imagine you are a guest in a plush hotel and by entering the room, you find a really uncomfortable and low quality bedding. Would you be a satisfied customer? Irrespective of good food and ambience, if a hotel is unable to provide a comfortable stay then nothing else can replace that.

Any hotel with an average quality of products and services will not be able to sustain for a long time. You need to be really cautious about the look and quality of any product for your hotel.There are some simple ways by which you can keep a check on quality of your linens

Apart from choosing the right things, it is also important for a hotel to invest good amount of money and time in caring for those goods.

By caring of the goods doesn’t not just means washing, ironing and keeping them nicely but choosing the right quality product with durability means a lot. Any product a hotel choose directly depicts the style statement and class of that hotel hence you should be equally concerned about what and how r u choosing a good linen. Although washing and proper care is necessary for linens, hotels must replicate the quality through their brand name.

There are some simple ways by which you can keep a check on quality of your linens


Elegance : You must consider a quality bedding with good quality linen and pillows for extra comfort of your guests. Anything which is done with a good balance of style and comforts reflects in the room. Following the basic rule does it all for you.

Nature : A quality linen with a thread count of 300 and above is more than sufficient to keep your linens for long, still higher the thread count better and long lasting it is!! In case you are choosing the right linen, you will not have to think about replacing it for years.

Depends on what is your style statement?

Colours :

  • Depends on what is your style statement? What kind of customers are you catering to and what image you want to portray for your hotel. All these questions can be answered with the right mix of colours and interiors. The aim for any hotel is to provide comfort first instead of over styling. Anything which is not loud and appeal to eyes along with caring for comfort will surely attracts the customers.
  • You must go for soothing colours which is apt in any season and occasion but if you are not too sure of what colour scheme would go well as per customer’s taste then choosing white is the safest option.

There may be a huge list of things that a manager or hotel owner would pay attention to but if you are unable to cater to basic needs of staying in a hotel than everything else makes no sense. Investing in a good quality linen not only ease the effort for next few years but also pays important role in protecting you brand image.

Any investment for protecting your brand image is worth the money and effort. A luxury Bed and bath linen may cost a little extra in the beginning but truly worth every penny.

If you are focussed in keeping your brand on the top then we have the right product for you. We would love to cater to your needs and love to hear from you.

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