Room Talkies

Everybody is aware of the quote “First impression is the last impression”. Thus when you visit anybody’s home your eyes first scan their ambience. From one room to the next you relate your own home and find out which one is better and durable. Usually you appreciate more when you know your home looks better than the one you visited. If you find someone better, you ask them too many questions with a smile on your face so they don’t get suspicious that you are jealous. So we consider two rooms where one is decorated with ‘byadab’ products while the other with casual products.

Room 1: Oh, this morning feels so bright with new bed linens and cushions and the room decorated with the aroma of my companions. Just perfect!

Everybody is aware of the quote “First impression is the last impression

Room 2: Well, I really can’t smell you from my room because our products come with a free room freshener and lots of other goodies to enhance ourselves.

Room 1: So you are admitting to the fact that anything you possess isn’t natural? As my room today has ‘Mrs. Cherry Berry’ in business which is made purely from 100% Egyptian cotton.

Room 2: What kind of cotton is that?

Room 1: The Royal kind. Egyptian cotton is better than the normal cotton as they are made from high quality cotton which is soft as silk and also high thread count. It’s like the chocolate that melts when our owner sits on it. And I don’t find it strange that you have never heard about this.

Room 2: Well, yeah! We haven’t. But it doesn’t mean you are superior with your high class cotton. Ours has a room full of variety of bed linens in different colors and designs.

Room 1: Sure. This is just one product of bed linen I told you about which is purely made from Egyptian cotton. We also have Mrs Eucacel made from 100% Eucalyptus, which has medicinal properties, Mrs All weather just right for every season, Mrs Thar to depict ancient art, Mrs Select designed by artisans in different colors and styles, Mrs A+ made from superior quality cotton and designed in most sophisticated style then there is….

Room 2: Okay! You can stop now and enough with this blabbering. We have a lot of variety in our cushions too, and they are so soft in touch.

Room 1: Here also we have a lifestyle collection of cushions to match with the needs of our owner. Be it Rajasthani style or polka cushion covers or what not.

Room 2: Is there anything else that I am eligible to compete on? As you seem to have everything perfect and in the right amount and decorated in fair designs.

Room 1: Well we have a large diversity in our product and we are also available for online booking or you can know about our store nearest to your location so it would be comfortable for you also.

Room 2: Tell me more about the online booking?

Room 1: You can visit the website where you will find many sections displaying our products. Under the section of ‘Our Brands’ there is a list of various Bed linens and there is also a limited edition bed linens for specific purposes and you can just select on whichever suits your style the best and move on with payment.

Room 2: I must say that buying this stuff never became this easy.

Room 1: And this comfortable too, right?

Room 2: yeah, totally neighbor!

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