5 Ways To Make The Bed The Sexiest Furniture Piece At Home (We are loving number 3!)

Before we tell you why we HEART number three as a tip, always remember to treat your bedroom as a heavenly love nest and your bed- cloud nine! The bedroom you live in and sleep at isn’t a boy or a girl vortex only. Think of it with respect as a love nest for life. While most of us growing up would want a quirky yet elegant touch to the mise-en-scene around, the aim is to have a harmonious amalgamation of elements to bring on a luxe touch as well.

Before we tell you why we HEART number three as a tip

Curated and sexy

If ‘curated’ is a word, we shall want that too. Imagine walking into a room which isn’t spacious enough? Would that be an inviting way to say “let’s make love”?

For some it could be, but deep down, it could blow the mind of and make the bedroom look creepy! Make your bedroom a memorable one with these five easy tips to indulge in! Believe us when we say, no one would be creeped out ever!

Dress the bed to that of your age

Express yourself and your age too. And there isn’t anything to be ashamed off. Your furniture and its embellishments speak a lot about your personal touch, so flaunt it aptly. Characters in Egyptian and Cotton Sheets make the room sexy, and love mates dig into all things elegant and mature. No one wants a college-hangover saga to deal with, especially when living-in with their beau is concerned. We are all growing up, and things around have to change as per the demands and lifestyle in this day and age.

Respect the sanctity of the bedroom

While in this day and age most of us work from home, and sometimes with less space to function that too, your bedroom should be a place to rest and recreate, period.  As much as possible, the non-bedroom activities and needs shouldn’t be brought into the bedroom. Wires, computers, electronics and more, can harm the sheets because of the heat emanated from the appliances and the threads tearing out with the hooks and nooks. Would you want that to happen?

Play with lights

Check for Bed sheets online and watch how lights play an important role in dolling up the bed too. Do you like it sexy and dim or vibrant and bright? What is the purpose of the spotlight in your room? Do you really need three-point lights around along with a reading lamp? Wouldn’t you rather have functional lighting with a dimmer, which you could adjust as per your needs and demands – day or night? Keep the room soft and illuminated in the evenings, bright during the days with natural light (save on your power bills), and functionally well-lit all through the latter half of the evening, dimming it post dinner!

Play with colours

Warm is the new haute trend, and tones or colours on these lines work best in modern homes. Cool colours help with good night sleep, and that is why most bedrooms have shades of light greens, blues and pinks. For a feminine touch, you could think of soft bright lights with Linen and things that are in quirky tones of browns, tans, greens, or neutrals too. For the masculine touch, shades of dim and greys, dark colours and graphic prints work wonders. Go the middle path, amalgamate the two according to your life and you’d have a sexy inviting room to sleep in!

While most bachelors wouldn’t think more than just snuggling into their sheets and snoozing away at first chance

Softy touches

While most bachelors wouldn’t think more than just snuggling into their sheets and snoozing away at first chance, you would have to think ahead in bringing on that soft touch to the masculine affair around. Luxe Egyptian cotton sheets and pillow cases, complimenting colours and more- make the magic happen!

If you really want to make an impression with a bedroom so inviting, we would encourage you to speak with an interior décor or to check for bedsheets online and bed décor ideas too. Have fun dolling up the room, but don’t ignore the importance of using the right bed furnishings!

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