Pets At Home?

Tips On Maintaining Expensive Bed Sheets With Pets Around

It’s not only our human kids who can create a mess so unwanted, but our furry babies too. Now we cannot blame them right, and with those puppy eyes they make, how would we punish them for something they unintentionally do- stain the bed, pee on the bed, their fur on the bed and more?

Irrespective of you sleeping with the dog on the bed or if the dog has its own bed or not, there would be paw marks, fur and sometimes blood stains or booger from the pet on the bed sheets and Duvet Covers. And no matter how many attempts you make at preventing the same, it would be a temporary effort. If the dog is allowed in the bedroom, brace yourself for double-work!

It’s not only our human kids who can create a mess so unwanted, but our furry babies too.

Quite a cautious situation this is!

  • Pet grime is a slimy affair to deal with. Don’t believe us, ask pet parents and they would agree on the same. The best way to get the sticky mess removed would be by employing a reputed branded lint roller. It has sticky paper sheets which help peel the mess away. From slimy drops to fur, lint rollers have worked wonders in removing the mess.
  • Wear your rubber gloves while doing so, so your hands are protected from the infection that come transfer on to your skin. If the slimy mess is on duvet covers or pillow cases and Bedding sets, you could use a pair of rubber gloves to rub them off. Fur would ball up with the help of the gloves friction, making discarding an easy process to abide by.

Tips on washing your sheets

There is no way that you’d want your pooch to sleep alone, and we understand that sentiment very well. But traditional wisdom informs us that the Luxury bed linen have to be washed once every ten days, or else the mess from pets can lead to health hazards for human inhabitants.

  • Get the stains on the bed pre-treated. If your dog has a habit of snuggling, rubbing his nose or rolling onto the bed at every chance he gets, expect the stains to stare at your when you check for some of them. Grab a tablespoon of peroxide, to which you should add two tablespoons of baking soda, and a cup of cornstarch. Mix them into a paste and apply it on the areas of the sheet affected. This would help remove the stains from sheets and Duvet fillers, when the real washing happens in warm water.
  • Why warm water? Washing in warm (not hot) water helps kill the germs and removes the occurrence of thread wear and tear too. Sheets wouldn’t stretch into elastic forms later on and if you add a cup of white vinegar to the final rinse, the smells would be gone as well.

Odor control mechanisms for sheets

Even though you have used the best detergent and the right ways to clean your sheets, the odor stays as an unwanted rentee! Employ a cup of white vinegar in the final rinse and give the sheet a good spin in the washing machine.  Don’t worry about the strong odor of the white vinegar; it would evaporate once the sheet dries off completely. Employ this treatment method for your sheets, once a week and be happy to have your favorite bed furnishings lasting for a long time.

You should use undiluted white vinegar as a spray to make the sheets misty and damp to begin with. This can be done for sheets that have plenty of embellishments or décor on it as well. For quilts, Bed Linen, and mattresses too, the same can be done, but ensure that the items are hung in the sunlight post the spraying session.

Yes, you now can proudly say you sleep with your pets, and not a hint of mess to deal with. Use these tips that have been in employment since decades, because sometimes the old is gold adage for DIY home care comes in handier than what modern day science can help with!

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