Keep Them Lasting Long: Top 10 Handy Bed Sheet Maintenance Hacks

Take a very good look at the bed sheets you intend to buy. Look at the packaging and the label, identify which fabric has been used to make the sheets, and then visualize it in your bedroom, sprucing up the décor around.

In most cases, bed sheets in India and for the climes we live in are made from pure cotton, 100% Egyptian cotton, cotton-polyester or satin, flannel and silk. In some countries they are even made from linen and bamboo too, but you should care to review the quality before you buy- would you be able to maintain them well, as you saw and felt with Hotel linen?

In most cases, bed sheets in India and for the climes we live in are made from pure cotton

A short guide to maintaining white cotton bedsheets

Assuming you have picked cotton or Egyptian cotton sheets, here are a few things to bear in mind while caring for them.

  1. Cotton or Egyptian cotton sheets allow plenty of room for water to circulate in them, which means cleaning them isn’t a chore. And when placed along with other clothing items that have fasteners and zippers on them, the damages are none to worry off as well. But washing sheets alone is the best thing to do, should you have the time that is!
  2. Stains that accumulate on the cotton or White bed linen should be pre-treated prior to being thrown into the laundry machine.
  3. Never use bleach on any of the cotton or Egyptian cotton sheets or bed linen for that matter, unless you want them ruined and damaged.
  4. A quart cup of lime juice when mixed with cold water and used in washing cotton or Egyptian cotton sheets, brightens the fabric enough.
  5. Detergents should have low or mild agents in them for cleansing needs, or else the thread and the fabric of the cotton or Egyptian cotton sheets take a beating.
  6. Roll cotton or Egyptian cotton sheets into balls and place them in the machine for the best optimal use of the laundry regime and the washing!
  7. Always use NORMAL or GENTLE wash cycles and with warm or mild warm to cold water only- NEVER HOT WATER!
  8. Once the drying cycle is done; remove the sheets at once or else wrinkles would form and play havoc on the sheets later on.
  9. A clothesline to use is the best way for cotton or Egyptian cotton sheets to dry, and if you are using a dryer, the heat indicator should be set to the lowest!

10. If wrinkles have formed on the Best bed sheets, they can be removed by gently unfolding them with your hands, a damp towel touch and a low-heated press. Too much heat from ironing can damage the threads of the sheet!

Additional tips

Storing your sheets is of prime importance, which also enhances the longevity of cotton or Egyptian cotton sheets. And this would be by matching and storing sheets, according to color, styles, use and designs. For example-

  1. If you have white pillow cases, stash the cotton or Egyptian cotton printed sheets inside the case, over which the second pillow case should be used as a final cover.
  2. Pillow covers and folded fitted cotton sheets should be placed flat inside the case, and to the last fold as well.
  3. Always have storage boxes dedicated to care for the cotton or Egyptian cotton sheets. Label them- room wise, use wise or style wise, and you would know when to use what, and where to look for what, the next time you need a change of sheets.
  4. Folded sheets should be stored mostly in under-bed containers, since they are used pretty much always and often.

Always use a cup of lemon juice to remove bad odor when cotton or Egyptian cotton sheets and Duvet covers are being washed, and with that we end this note on tips on maintaining your expensive cotton or Egyptian cotton sheets!

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