5 Luxe Printed Bedsheets To Gift Your Sister With This Rakshabandhan

She’s been your best friend, your confidante and she has known your love-hate stories too. We are talking about your bestie at home, your sister dearest. Now that she’s embarking upon her own career and has to shift base, or maybe she’s married and would be visiting you soon to celebrate the bond of brother-sister love- Rakshabandhan, think functional and aesthetic while choosing something to appreciate her unconditional love with.

maybe she’s married and would be visiting you soon to celebrate the bond of brother-sister love

Much more than jewellery and haute designer wear, gift your sister a subjective experience with options quite large from reputed designer bedsheet collections. From cottons to satin and chic silks, gift your sister and her family the joys of sleeping on the softest of touches. With high thread counts to its name, wouldn’t the best of Egyptian cotton bedsheets neatly wrapped and lovingly gifted make true bonding sense? For example-

The MSC Chain Flower II

Much more than jewellery and haute designer wear, gift your sister a subjective experience with options quite large

Made with total love and a sheet that your sister would flaunt with pride, the MSC Chain Flower II has 100 perrcent virgin Egyptian cotton used in its making with a thread count of 400. With shades of grey and floral touches to its name, the relaxing power and visuals helps spruce the ambience of a cozy yet small bedroom. Talk about comfort and luxe beauty, The MSC Chain Flower II ensures relaxing sleep at night along with that!



100% Eucacel in make and with enriched eucalyptus vitamins kissing its seams, the MEC 400 TPI STRIPE with pillow covers that match the bedsheet would bring about vibrancy to the bedroom when used. Keeping the inhabitants fit and healthy with its medicinal touches, peaceful and healthy sleep with this combo set assured at all times for your sisters family!

Show you care

Of course as a brother to her, you’ve been protective and have always kept an eye on her too. Wouldn’t you want your sister to have the silkiest and cosiest touch, an experience she would have from the bedsheets made from 100% Egyptian cotton. Measured by their thread count, with the finest craftsmanship and the best weaves around to cuddle and snuggle in, it would not only be your sister, but her husband and her children too- your nephews would know the true meaning of love. What about if we suggest-


With a thread count of 300 and in quirky bright polka dots to its name, the MSC POLKA DOT II transforms a humble bedroom into a living heaven. Simple to look at but very refreshing to the eyes and with soothing tones colour wise, the classy bedsheet is an epitome of comfort.

Cotton for the summers and the winters too

With the climes in our nation playing havoc, the safest bet would be to have a range of Egyptian cotton sheets gifted to her this time. Made from utmost intricacy and love, the thread counts so high in each sheets, makes for a cosy touch and a soft warm snuggle when the winters hit. The same sheets when used during the hot scorching summers, would allow enough of air circulation too, which means, your sister and her family wouldn’t have a tough time garnering peaceful night’s sleep! Here’s one you cannot go wrong with

The MCC 850 TPI

Keeping it classy and made from 100% Egyptian cotton too, the MCC 850 TPI would be the ideal gift for your sister this Rakshabandhan. If she is someone who loves all things elegant and neat, this bedsheet with finest Italian craftsmanship to its name is the one to give.



Soft luxury at its best, the MCBC DYED DIAMOND with a quirky name as such and in royal purple tones, fits the bill for all Indian climes. Made from 100 percent pure Egyptian cotton, elegance is second nature to the item that dolls up the bedroom pretty!

With all that’s been said, allow us to help you shop and choose for the best five bedsheets you could prettily wrap and surprise your doting sister with.

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