Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Egyptian cotton the best?
A. Egyptian cotton is supposed to be the best because of its long staple and fine fibre, which produces fine and supper fine yarns. It is so because of the soil and climatic conditions of Egypt. The Egyptian cotton producers have spent many years and large amounts of money promoting the "Egyptian Cotton" Brand. This is why it has become synonymous with high quality.

Interestingly, the top five cotton producing countries in the world are China, USA, India, Pakistan and Brazil in that order. China produces approx 25.5 Million Bales per year (6,000tonnes); Egypt in comparison produces just 1 Million Bales. These figures considered it is impossible for there to be so much authentic Egyptian cotton on sale as there is. The actual truth is that most of the cotton based products, for example bed linen, coming out of Egypt are made from imported cotton from India and Pakistan.

Q2. Is using good quality yarn the most important factor in producing good quality bed linen & bath linen?
A. Good quality yarn is one of the major factors in producing good bed linen. But there are other important factors which when applied also make good bed linen like defect less weaving with consistency of yarn, good and skilled processing processing is also a major factor in giving the ultimate product. Various different fabrics has to be processes data different temperatures and quality dyes and chemicals. Specific machines are used to give different types of finishes on different fabrics.

Q3. What is thread count?
A. Generally total number of threads in square inch (ends+picks) are termed as thread counts or TC, but to be very precise count means gauge of the yarn which generally starts from 4 to 200. Further 4-16 count is supposed to be coarse count, 20 to 40 count is supposed to be medium count, 40 to 60 is supposed to be fine count and 80s and above are super fine count. The cotton yarns are available in single ply, 2 ply, 3 ply, 4 ply in all the counts. 2 ply to 4 ply yarns in coarse counts are generally used for home furnishings and industrial fabric, 2 ply to 4 ply cotton yarns in medium and fine counts are generally used for bottom wears and super fine 2 ply and above are used as dress materials and now days in very very rich bed linen. (by ADAB produces this ultra fine bed linen.

Q4. What is SUPIMA or PIMA Cotton?
A. PIMA cotton is a brand name for long staple American cotton. Created by the American textile export department to compete with Egyptian cotton.

Q5. How much a bed linen shrinks after washing ?
A. The residual shrinkage accepted world wide after initial washes is 2-4% width x length.

Q6. Should bed linen or bath linen be washed before use?
A. It is always advisable to wash the product before use unless it specifically mentioned the bed and bath linen is pre washed.

Q7. What are the benefits using 100% cotton bed linen and bath linen?
A. Cotton is a natural fibre Eco friendly, it has more breathing and good soaking. It is cool in summers and slightly warm in winters, also it is the best fabric to be used in monsoons.

Q8. How should cotton bed and bath linen be washed?
A. Wash clothes in soft water for soft and silky feel in case of hard water we recommend to use water softener as recommended, it is always advisable to use minimum detergent (12 - 18 grams of detergent for 6 Kg dry clothes), low tumble at a maximum of 30 degrees centigrade water temperature and dry upside down in shade.

"Always avoid direct sunlight on the fabrics which can cause fading of colors and prints even of the best quality".

DO NOT USE BLEACH AT ALL and use low iron.

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