Bed Linen made from the finest fabrics of high thread count ranges from 300 Threads/ Sq" to 1100 Threads/ Sq". We give the fabrics best of the Eco Friendly processes as per international standards, to further the fabrics are given shape with precision and durable stitching. It is our endeavor to use the best fabrics of superior cotton in its category. Bath Linen is made of 100% virgin cotton with a perfect zero twist process resulting in zero pilling and better durability. The towels are super soaking and are available in a variety of colors.


Cotton – The term derived from the Arabic Qutn or Qutun which means Cotton. It is a fiber derived from the flower of cotton plant, the quality varies according to the length of fiber, the longer the better it is. Eqyptian Cotton is known to be the best cotton as it is long staple and very fine. At By Adab We Use The Finest Of Fabrics In Its Class.

Eucacel – Eucacel fabric a patent of By AdabR is made of TencelR fiber. It is a natural fiber derived from the regenerated wood pulp of a medicinal plant Eucalyptus, therefore is very Hygienic and Eco Friendly.


Chambray - A cross colored fabric with warp and weft having different colors. It is generally a plain weave fabric coming in a variety of coarse to super fine yarns.

Damask/ Jacquard - It is a fabric woven in floral and oriental designs originally introduced in China in silk and latter developed in cotton and other fibers at Damascus(Europe) getting the name as Damask.

Denim - A firm 2/1 or 3/1 right hand twill usually with a colored warp and white or natural weft . Commonly made of cotton or cotton blends in a variety of weights.

Dobby – A fabric woven with geometrical patterns on its surface.

Drill – A strong warp faced fabric with bold diagonal lines on the face of the fabric.

Honeycomb – A fabric with waffle appearance woven in coarse to fine counts, used for table linen and bath linen.

Herringbone - It is a type of broken twill weave in which the twill line reverses regularly forming zig zag v's. Also called fishbone.

Ikat - It is a method of tie dyeing yarn prior to weaving. May be in warp only (warp ikat), weft only (weft ikat), or both warp & weft (double ikat) .Results in a blurred pattern effect.

Percale – A cotton fabric made in 40's and above counts with equal ends and picks (Square Weave)

Sateen/ Satin – It is a weave (4 up 1 down – 6 up 1 down) resulting warp mainly coming on the upper side resulting in a smooth lustrous look.

Twill – A fabric with a basic weave characterized by fine diagonal lines on face of the fabric.

Voile – A plain weave fabric made up of ultra super fine yarns with less ends and picks giving a sheer look (Transperency)

Yarn dyed – A fabric woven of pre dyed yarns mainly used in dobbys, jacquards, strips and checks.

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