A Day from the Metro Diaries

Delhi metro isn't just a convenient option to travel throughout places.  It has become a hub of huge number of people walking from one end to the other. The journey is sometimes long and a lot of times one can find women chatting with each other endlessly. Silence in a metro is what sun is to a night sky, all hidden. Women specifically are seen chatting about their relationships, household chores, work and other things. From a needle to a cockroach in their house and from a saree to the detergent they're using, there's nothing that can't become the hot topic of discussion for them. While travelling it becomes the most enjoyable and convenient time pass when travelling with friends or any relative.

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So here is a story from my diary of metro rides. It's not that devilish to eavesdrop someone's conversation once in a while when someone is talking about things you're really fond of. And of course it doesn't end on that.  You keep eavesdropping and then after every dialog the other person is indulged in you keep thinking to yourself what you could have said about that or oh that! And then finally you just jump into the conversation because you can't control anymore.

Yesterday while getting back from the office, I immediately opened my book about health and hygiene and forgot about the world around. Ladies coach though is free from a lot of things you don't want to encounter while travelling like males yet it's full of a lot of things you still don't want to encounter like females. Jokes apart the two women sitting beside me were talking about how the lady sitting in front is carrying her wallet wrong and after a few minutes I heard them talking about some interior decor stuff. I wonder how did they get to that but I was pretty much interested in listening to all of it.

Few minutes later one of them said, "I am too dissatisfied with all these poor fabric bedsheets and towels. Within three washes the color begins to fade and my husband so meager doesn't want to spend money on these things. It becomes a torture listening to their complaints."

I had waited enough to not speak so I jumped in and told her, "Hey, why don't you try ADAB. I have been using their products since a few years now and the bedsheets I had bought almost two years back are still as it is. Same vivacious colors and no complaints by my family members. They rather appreciate me for my choices and no budget problem as well.  After all quality and durability has a fair price."

For a moment they stared at me but then the other one was more interested in knowing more about my good choices, she continued, "Really? I have been using bedding sets from a shop in old Delhi.  Same problem.  The prints are so common, once I bought a bedsheet from them and the next day my maid said, madam these bedsheets are in fashion; every house has the same stuff. And my mother in law almost accused me of making her standards fall down."

I almost laughed on her face listening to the accused part of it but anyway, I replied, "Oh I know.  It's very important to keep a check on the prints for sure.  One needs simple printed ones for every day use and some unique stuff for occasions. ADAB takes care of all these things. This brand keeps into focus the variety of prints people want these days and yet maintains a desire to be unique. The prints are in two colors three colors to twenty colors as well. Simple patterns, floral patterns and vibrant colors. Their category Mrs. A+, it has got colors you can't even imagine and other one Mrs. Whitica, has all the whites. Self designed and plain both. And not to forget colors or no colors, the fabric is the finest of all."

"You really seem to be talking about a promising brand. I will definitely try their products. And I am glad it's an online store, easy to shop. But after listening to all this I feel the products would be difficult to manage and take care of. I don't want extra load on myself, said the lady.

"Oh! Come on. Their products are all easy to use. You can wash them at home and moreover the fabric becomes more comfortable after every wash and no loss of color at all."

"All of this sounds so amazing, I can't believe. And what about their towels. My husband is so particular about these things. Everything should be perfect. After a few days towels start feeling harsh to the skin or they start smelling bad even if washed regularly." 

I jumped on to say whatever I knew about the towel collection. “Bunny Bath is the perfect solution for you. Their towels are very soft to skin and their touch is lovely. Even after a long use. It's made of 100% virgin cotton and they had worked up on a zero twist technology to device this collection. It totally is worth a try. And if your husband is so particular about skin and health you should try Mrs. Eucacel bedsheets and other products. They have hand woven quilts and duvet covers as well." 

"This has already made me excited. So many solutions to every household linen issues. My mother in law will get happy. But imagine what she want? She wants a pillow cover that doesn't come out even if jumper upon and covers that are printed on one side and white from the other. Stupid superstitions you know", said the other one.

"ADAB has such pillow covers. And their Luxury Bed Linen have a long flap to cover properly inside. Moreover, they have large sized covers to fit all the pillows well."

"This sounds so satisfactory. I am trying all that today only."

"Of course!"

"I am glad I could help. I understand how important does it become for us to make sure that we bring best of products home. ADAB is never going to disappoint", I said with a wide smile. 

We parted ways after that but I went with a happiness that I could share something with someone and it made them happy.

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