Mrs. Gupta was screening through some channels when she noticed a unique ad about bed linens. Mrs. Gupta on that particular day was feeling uneasy on seeing her ruffled bed not so suitable bed sheets to be showcased in front of the guests the next day. Her anxiety level increased with time and she face threat of humiliation and dishonor.

A Literary ADCall it good luck or a meant-to-be situation but Mrs. Gupta came across this ad of bed sheets being compared at every stage. Gravely concerned about her bed sheets, Mrs. Gupta keenly concentrated on every word of the ad which was considerably longer than other ads.

There were two ladies, one holding a white bed sheet which seemed to shine brightly under the sunlight of the sets while the other lady held two three bed linens in different shades of white. As the camera rolled over the first lady, she seemed to bask in all the glory being twinkled upon her and her bed sheet. But the other lady had a confident look in her eyes as well as her posture. As the first lady came forward, she spoke with dignity, “I am the daughter of the Earth and Starry Heaven and this is my shield.” Saying this she lifted the hand in which she held her bed sheet while she continued “I come here to provide comfort to the mankind with my pure cotton bed sheet. It has been made powerful and can withstand strong chemicals and detergents. I have a luster equivalent to the star in the heaven while the quality is as pure as this earth. Come forward my competitor and speak in defense”.

Listening to this the other lady smiled wickedly and just like a magician who prepares before a battle, took every step stealthily. She showed her bed lines out in the front and said,” I am a common housewife who everyday struggles with the harsh stains on bed sheets and their resistivity on chemicals and detergents. I have tried and tried from stores to stores but at the end spent ruthlessly on detergents to have destroyed my bed sheets in the end all together.” Listening to this, Mrs. Gupta couldn’t help but nod in agreement. Further the lady continued, “Being exhausted from all the rush now I have retired to my favorite brand, Adab. ‘Mrs Whitica’ from the categories of brand has a virginal purity of white with superfine cotton extra sizes, ultimate comfort and a luxurious sheen. Most importantly it is manufactured using 100% Egyptian cotton which is verified to be softer, water or moisture absorbent, good fiber strength and durable for a long time. Now my all seasons are satisfied with this bed linen and I am at my ease when I withdraw myself from a tiring day. Thanks to Adab my days and nights couldn’t be any more peaceful.”

With this the commercial ended and the viewer was left with the task of judging the conclusion on their own. Guess what Mrs. Gupta did right after watching the ad? Yeah, she searched online for the nearest store and went to try the exquisite brand. Now let us leave you audience with the similar choice of judgment.

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