A piece of fiction on Bunny Bath collection

A family had a fun game with their children asking them to write something creative on their favorite thing in the house and my 8 year old son wrote a poem on the towels we use called Bunny Bath.

Red, yellow, blue and green It’s a bunny bath Calm and serene


Red, yellow, blue and green

It’s a bunny bath

Calm and serene.


Touch it, feel it

Twist or release it

As soft as a bunny

In hand

Luxurious like

A drop of water in sand.


Towel that’s made

With innovative technology

To your hands

It feels like

A new born baby.


You got to know

What goes into?

The making

Of your favorite towel

100% Virgin cotton

The touch of which

Can never be forgotten.


Zero twist technology

Is no typical science

Or chronology

Call it innovative

Nothing under

Or over rated

We call it bunny bath

People have said

It’s world class.


You want to know

A little more than that

Use it as long

And you’ll find

Even then

Nothing goes wrong.


Super absorbent

Bunny bath

Soft to touch

Never harsh to rub

Cool it warm it

Drape it twist it

Bunny Bath is forever

The same.


One summer night

I played like a knight

From one chair

To other

Of wit and flair

As I jumped

On the table

My knee was


And I started


But mom is

My best savior

Because bunny bath

Towel is her tool

She dipped it

In water

And cured my


Bunny bath towel

Is like

Soft soft wool.


I will now tell you

One secret

Dad once danced

With mom

In their room

Because dad felt

Cool and refreshed

Bunny bath towels

Said my father

Doubles the

Pleasure of


And in that, people

There’s no



So before going

Let’s revise

The qualities of my

Bathing friend

It’s made with

Zero twist technology

What goes into

Its making

Is called

Virgin cotton

Absorbent and so soft

Bunny bath

Is my reason

To laugh!

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