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Bedsheets for Cozy Dreams: 5 Sheet Styles and What Dreams They Bring

The famous international pop band EURYTHMICS may have never thought of this when they sang ‘Sweet Dreams’, but did you know your bedsheets can actually harness sweet cozy dreams for you? If this is something new for you to know, here is your chance to get well-versed on the logic. Read on dear homemakers, because you never know what dreams rise from the chic luxe bedsheets you sleep on.  And in addition to that, here are five awesome chic bedsheet styles for you to choose as well. Diwali is round the corner, and thus you would need to doll up the bedroom too. Hence, peaceful night sleep and more over a cozy happy dreamy one is what you need!

Bedsheets for cozy dreams 5 sheet styles and what dreams they bringHow do you feel looking at your bed right now?

Yes, ask yourself this question and figure out if the answer is that of anxiety or of peace! Does the bed call out of a night of stormy lovemaking or is it a place that repels romantic and peaceful energy? Subconsciously, most of us are visual slaves and we channel our eyes to all things catchy for any information we need. The colours of your bed furnishing in fact play a major role in emotional aspects and sleep patterns too, and they can cause reactions – good or bad, as well.  Health and moods of individuals are affected dramatically as well, and it all depends on the fabric patterns, the bed set colours and hues which can relax, stimulate, provoke or create elegant and very pleasant sleep patterns and dreams too.

What can white bedsheets bring?

Innocence and purity are best reps of the shade white, and the look is that of style, luxe touches and freshness galore- classy we say. White matches the mise-en-scene of the bedroom without a hitch, and since the shade brings in an abundance of energy, the mind is strengthened to dream pleasant too. Soothing dreams sans the disturbed sleep cycle for sure; even medical experts advise sleeping on pure cotton white sheets!

With light colored bedsheets

For blissful cozy dreams tonight, and even as told by Vaastu and Feng Shui experts, light colored bedsheets for the bed are the best to use. From pale to matte tones, chic shimmer ocean blues to light greens, neons and even very light browns and pinks too- the hues bring about a pleasant positive energy much needed in modern day homes. Light colored sheets are known for the tranquility they bring, and help with better sleep cycles too!

A combination of brown and green

Either a combo or a touch of the shades on the sheets, and brown-green bedsheets would mean the earth and its tones to manifest in your room. For the utmost relaxation and sleep, combine the hues with crispy home accents around, coasters by the side-table and lighter wall shades to enhance a lovely sleep cycle as well.

Bring in vibrancy while you snooze

Yellows and orange, tangerine touches and with chic floral designs, brings in the eco style for the room that helps rock us to snooze.  Positive and very optimistic energy flow that comes in for sure, a little warmth in the dreams with yellows and tangerines representing the fire element comes through!

Red and brown with pink touches

Playful, chirpy, romantic, passionate and very naughty dreams too, any of these three warm colours can bring in the agility and comfort you need, but choose them wisely since they are a mix of various elements (colour wise) that influence the nights sleep!

Royal and regal are the two words that come to mind when we describe the outer-colour-wheel shades of blue and purple, and they influence décor dreams, homemaking, comfort, peace, tranquility and royalty too. Bring home the much needed happy dreams tonight, and sleep on luxe sheets from now!

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