Brace Yourselves for the Dilli Ki Sardi in Style under Luxe Bedsheets

Come winters and we Delights like our hot cup of chai, some of us love our chocolate milk-shakes and the snooze is a must on an inviting white bed. But why white? Why wouldn’t you want to have resplendent dark and rich colours for bedsheets or a Comforters Bedding so fuzzy?

Two pillows, a top sheet and medium colours

Should the bed be a mid-sized one, just for a couple, think of bedsheets that are pastel shaded and medium in tones and hue?

Should the bed be a mid-sized one, just for a couple, think of bedsheets that are pastel shaded and medium in tones and hue

A duvet, dark coloured sheets and pillows

For a couple who sleeps on a king-sized bed and with a pet or a playful toddler in between, the drill is well-known. From waking up and being pushed around to changing nappies and bed-wetting, mommies have to deal with them all- daddies too. This is why dark coloured top sheets protecting the White quilt are best to have, and they prevent heat from escaping too.

Fabric play

Play along with plenty of fabrics, while choosing the right sheets for the warmth you need. It is a fact that while we sleep, the temperature of our bodies takes a nosedive. While bedsheets under the blanket and over your skin would keep the coolness factor alive, the aim is to stop you from waking up as a frozen Popsicle post midnight.

While buying bedsheets can be a tricky thought for the cold climes ahead, getting it right is what matters before buying. This is why, and hearing the pleas of most homemakers, we decided to jot down tips on picking the right bedsheets for the winter months.

5 Chic Luxe Sheets You Could Think Off!

While the one-hundred percent Egyptian cotton bedsheets are the most sought after, thanks to the softness, luxe touch and thread count in them, as a homemaker, you need to understand if keeping warm is more important than just the soft touch, such bedsheets would provide. Yes, Egyptian cotton does provide great temperature control for the body, but you’d have to wait a little until the body and the sheet, warm up to one another!

1. The Mrs. Select collection MODERN MOTIF

Bring in a little more colour or a pop of purples into the bedroom as the winter greys gloom all over. The sheets are made from 100% Virgin Egyptian Cotton, finely spun and done so to keep you and your loved ones warm. Charming floral motifs to grace the ambience of the room, with traditional design and detailing to its name- who wouldn’t want to have a touch of royal colours this winter!

2. The Mrs. All Weather 600 TPI

Mrs. All Weather’s collection of luxury quilts and duvets and in shades resembling a pocketful of sunshine on a cold-wintry morning or noon, speaks of elegance and royal touches. To have an added touch of warmth and for a splash of colour while the holidays are on, made ultra soft and light in weight and with luxe touches too- never miss an opportunity to curl up with a book as the winds blow cold and strong.

3. The Mrs. Select collection Ikat Print

Feeling a little more traditional than the usual, especially when the festival season would be on and in full-swing? Spruce up the bedroom with a touch of Ikat; yes, Ikat isn’t for haute-couture on you alone, but with bedroom dolling up too. The finest of 100% Virgin Egyptian Cotton in use when being made, the Ikat printed vibrancy resonates the ‘MAKE IN INDIA’ sentiments! Nothing speaks of warmth than that of a homely touch- Ikat proves the same!

4. The Mrs. Eucacel collection 600 TPI

Love your sheets with no fancy prints or designs, keep it minimal yet flawless with the exquisite touches of luxe craftsmanship from the Mrs. Eucacel’s collection. Enriched with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties and with 100 percent authentic doses of vitamin E in the making of the 100% Eucacel sheet, the green MEC 600 TPI bedsheet not only ensures a blissful nights sleep, but protection against the wintery allergies too! Let those allergens burn green with envy!

5. The Mrs. Eucacel collection 400 TPI Stripe

A luxe touch from the womb of 100% Eucacel, the sheet in the inviting light green hues makes an inviting gesture to the inhabitants of the room, especially when one comes back from the cold blasts out there. Perfect for the coldest of days and nights, the weave of threads capture the air circulation and retains heat keeping the body nice and toasty, while you sleep! An added bonus would be the dose of pure authentic eucalyptus touches, making the 100% Eucacel sheet a gladiator against allergens that play havoc when the times are cold.

The right mix on those big King bed spreads would bring about the right winter bed, which means, perfect snoozing weather moments and plenty of fun too!

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