Cast of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. and their type of Bed linen

The evergreen sitcom that is still among the top list of favorite TV series is F.R.I.E.N.D.S . For all the generations yet to come this show will any how become their preference. Almost everybody is acquainted with the cast of the show. And almost everybody has related themselves to at least one character from the series. In comparison to that here is a list of the characters of the show and owing to their nature what could be their type of Bed linen:

In comparison to that here is a list of the characters of the show and owing to their nature

1.       Chandler a.k.a. Mrs cherry berry

His name itself reminds us of his sarcastic comments and his resistive nature towards commitments. In many episodes we have come across his feminine nature and how he likes the most simple and easy going things. Thus his nature suits the bed linen of type Mrs cherry berry which is 100% virgin Egyptian cotton. Soothing to look and soft in touch, chandler might fall for this type immediately.

2.       Monica a.k.a. Mrs Eucacel

Here we are with the Ms-All-In-Order kind of woman. Monica has a constant desire to manage everything and everybody. She has keen interest in cleaning and not just her apartment. Whatever she buys needs to perfect so regarding that Mrs Eucacel suits her best. This type of linen is made from eucalyptus which has medicinal properties. The product is Eco-friendly; anti allergic, anti infectious, bio degradable, vitamin E enriched which makes it apt for the people like Monica. This luxurious kind has a particularly good taste.

3.       Ross a.k.a. Mrs cocagne

The introvert kind of guy who keeps his feelings to himself as it took him 6 years to confess to Rachel. He doesn’t like to draw attention to himself but only the situations make their way to disrupt his livelihood. So considering that Mrs cocagne would suit him the best as it speaks out everything Ross needs in his life, a little class with more comfort and fusion of luxury and smoothness. His sophisticated nature is best described through this bed linen.

4.       Rachel a.k.a. Mrs A+

The one who is most particular about fashion is Rachel. She is the one who is constantly aware of her surroundings due to her nature of attracting attention. thus Mrs A+ would fulfill her needs as just like her this bed linen too brings colors to life & life to colors. Its silky fabric and sensuous to the sight and touch is what describes Rachel in its true form. Depending on her mood there are different shades in this linen which just seems perfect for her and this is exactly how she wants her companion to be.

5.       Joey a.k.a. Mrs All weather

The most care free person of all who doesn’t seem to be aware of his surrounding but is all ears when there is food or girls he can take out on a date. Joey remains the same throughout and thus his nature best corresponds to Mrs All weather where he need not worry about which to pick for what weather. And just like his sandwiches this bed linen too is multi-layered and ultra-hygienic. Delicate to touch and comforting in all sense the linen is what might attract joey the most.

6.       Phoebe a.k.a. Mrs Thar

Spontaneity is what describes phoebe in rightful manner. Her nature being weird in all forms has made the series just funnier in a different style. Her nature of always doing things in an awry way makes her suitable for the type Mrs Thar as her bed linen. Her way of doing things are always apart owing to her doll house. Thus Mrs Thar has the combination of ancient art and modern technology. Phoebe being all vegetarian and nature loving will prefer this fabric only. She is the creator of weird world thus her companion should also be different just like Mrs Thar.

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