Colour Choices with Bedsheets - Is There A Different Tone For Men and Women?

We’ve grown up being told, pink was for girls and blue was for boys alone. But that was what the world followed and religiously believed as the word, even with bedroom furnishings. How often have you heard of expectant mothers shopping for baby clothes and wondering which colour to choose- not knowing the gender of the unborn child? Should I buy pink just incase it is a girl or should I tell him to pick blue, what if it is a boy? And the same would be for the crib too, which is why we leave the bedsheets for cribs best with light shades, neutral tones and comforting playful colours.

We’ve grown up being told, pink was for girls and blue was for boys alone.

Cut to the modern age

In this day and age, where gender neutrality seems to be the norm (thankfully so), couples these days make no qualms placing forth their demands to one another. While the bedroom is sanctorum for the couple to be in, to sleep at and for recreational needs, it is mostly the women of the house who doll up and care for the bed furnishings, much more than the men.

Cut to the new-age, the metrosexual man helps out with family chores and duties too- including picking up choicest of luxe Egyptian cotton sheets for the beds to flamboyantly doll up in. While by nature (nurture too), men would look at dark and plain colours, and depending on their age, would also choose from graphics to prints galore, women tend to lean a little more on the feminine touch in most cases- colours warm to soothing, light and vibrant to say so.

When buying bedsheets

Sit and chalk out the look the two of you would want for your bedroom and plan the mise-en-scene accordingly. For example, should you as the man of the house decide upon dark pillow cases for the bed, allowing your wife to find light combinations in prints or self-coloured bedsheets made from the finest Egyptian cotton weaves would be an apt thing to do. Two birds hit in one shot; a contrast effect for sure comes about, and the room has a vibrant yet spacious look too.

Most men opt for darker colours, but when shopping with their wives, the deal can be sealed when floral print sheets (the feminine touch) are brought about in the same hues and tones. Matching the look of a floral dark bed with light walls around brings in a paradise touch and heavenly effect too. The ambience gets a warm glow and a soft appeal, with a masculine note to dwell and bask in as well. Once again, a bird in hand worth two in the bush theory applied.

Check the climes

While Egyptian cotton bedsheets are luxe to touch, feel and use, and perfect for the Indian climes all year round

While Egyptian cotton bedsheets are luxe to touch, feel and use, and perfect for the Indian climes all year round, knowing what to buy for the upcoming occasion or which bed sets to choose from can be a daunting task.

We’ve spoken about the amalgamation of thoughts, and we have also asked the two of you to choose keeping in mind individual tastes as well- matching the wall colour too. Let’s also emphasize on the realty of life- does the couple have pets and kids at home.

Stains, bodily fluids, paw marks, footprints galore- culprits that can ruin the fabric of the sheets in no time. Hence, picking Egyptian cotton sheets for the room in dark colours make more sense since they show less dirt and maintaining them are easier than the lighter hued ones.

There’s no etched in stone rules about homemaking, especially when it comes to gender-biased-colours to choose from, in this day and age! Play with your creativity and imagination, or just paint the room red with sheets- feng shui says red bedsheets bring in more love and compatibility for the married couple!

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