Combo of Red And White Or The Mystical Black And Red For Sheets- What Says Haute-Hot More?

With many trends on home furnishings and décor to choose from, colour choices are a plenty to doll up the house with these days. As a homemaker, it does get a little cumbersome making a choice from the plethora of options out there and this is especially with luxury bed furnishings.

Your bedroom is but a cozy nest, where plenty of snooze times happen. This is one of the reasons why homemakers meticulously take their time choosing the right Egyptian cotton sheets for utmost comfort and peaceful sleep to have. When talking about bedsheets, the variety one gets to choose from is wide and large. From prints to patterns, colours running amok to various textures, fabrics and more- brace yourselves to be spoilt and pampered for choice.

Your bedroom is but a cozy nest, where plenty of snooze times happen.

Let’s talk colours

With the season of Fall and the upcoming festivities in mind, and pertaining to Indian climes and the tastes conventionally, one would often see a mix of all shades red around- your bedroom furnishings too. Red is a symbol, much more than just being a hue or a colour. The colour denotes love, passion, intensity, vibrancy and spiritualism to a large extent. And these could very well be the reasons why Indians choose to doll up in red at most times, events, occasions and a splash of red around their homes too.

The red and white combo

While the reason behind red has been spoken off, white as a shade on the other hand compliments the dark warm tone. White stands for peace and purity in all forms, which is why an amalgamation of the two brings forth harmony and splendour.

If you do not have an option or choices to pick from in red and white bedsheets for your beds to doll up in, you could opt for red sheets and white pillow covers instead. You may also think of the reverse, which makes a small bed look large, with red pillows being the focal point on pure white.

The red and black combo

Deadly as a combination and only the daring would use the same, the red and black combination for sheets to use on your bed- prints or patterns alike, would be the epitome of all things sexy. Call it the devil’s colour if you may, the seductive play of two dark hues and shades in one shot can make things sensual in the bedroom.

With the right amount of lighting resources in the room, the combo of red and black sheets for the bed spruces up the aura around and makes the room a lively one too; evenings especially. No wonder most honeymoon suites have a touch of red and black to make the moments steamier and memorable.

Whatever be your choice, it would be wise to discuss it with your better half should you be married and sharing the same room with them, or else, go right ahead and experiment with the two combinations. You can never go wrong placing your own creativity and style before your eyes, and when you are confident of the look you bring to your bedroom, the world would applaud with total gusto!

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