Egyptian cotton product range

There are number of ways how you can keep a comfortable bedding for your family but not every product is the best for your needs. Egyptian cotton is one product which requires no introductions. Thanks to Egypt’s climatic condition which invented one of the finest and softest fabric. Egyptian cotton has extra-long staples which helps in making this fabric ultra-soft and wonderful to use.

From bottle green leaves to floral patterns in red and pinks, fruits to flowers and more

Egyptian cotton is one product which has no boundaries while creating various elite class product range in bed and bath linens. Egyptian cotton is used in making a series of products in bed and bath linens across the world. You can surely feel in heaven in case you are setting up your bed with everything which is made of Egyptian cotton. Not only bed sheets but Egyptian cotton has been instrumental in creating world class luxury products starting from bath linens to pillow covers, duvets, bed covers and so on.

Though most of you must be aware of the entire range and collection but we are here to make you aware of the complete range of Egyptian cotton products which are available online as well as in stores.

  • Bed Sheets- The most common and most used product which is created with Egyptian cotton is the Bed sheet. One you buy an Egyptian cotton bed sheet, you would have more than enough reasons to love this range. The top reason for falling in love with Egyptian bed sheet is its softness and the kind of comfort it provides. These sheets are extremely durable and lasts for ages and the natural sheen it as is truly remarkable. You do not have to worry about frequent washing of these sheets as they grow even better with number of washes. Egyptian cotton sheets are mostly available in high thread count.
  • Duvet Covers- Egyptian cotton duvet covers are meant for those who prefers to indulge in luxury of all times. These covers are even softer than bed sheets and has the ability to provide the best of comfort. These covers are a benchmark of comfort and style. Egyptian cotton duvet covers are available in various colours and styles and cost you a little extra but once you start using them, you will realise their actual worth.
  • Bed Spreads - Egyptian cotton bed spreads are designed to add more warmth and comfort to your bed. They have the unique quality of providing you warmth in winters and cooling effect in summers. They are well catered to your bedding needs. In case you have a good Egyptian cotton bed spread, you would not have to worry about adding another warm bedding accessory to your bed during winters. It has enough insulation based on seasons.
  • Pillowcase- In case you have a classy Egyptian bed sheet at home then another way to add style to your room is to have good Egyptian pillowcase. They are extremely stylish and worth your money. These pillowcases are designed for extra comfort and adding them to your bed will surely enhance the décor of your bedroom.

Not only have this but Egyptian cotton is wonderful for your child’s comfort too. Try them for baby crib bedding and see the difference in your baby’s sleep. 

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