Emotional stress in the race of life

A painful knot in your neck after a week full of work and emotional stress or tightening of shoulders and stiffness in back while you remember an emotional breakdown or after coming back from nostalgia some pain in your head are all indicative of the connection between emotional stress and physical consequences of it.

Not a lot of people know but any kind of stress that your mind carries also affects the physical health. The immune system and the body metabolism get highly affected due to mental stress and emotional heaviness.

According to the research of Candace Pert, body is somehow our subconscious mind.  Whatever emotions we feel can change our physicality in numerous ways. 

Emotions are not just stored up in our brains. They can be present anywhere in our body.  When we do not release our emotions or when we stop reacting emotionally up to a particular state it gets difficult for the physical self to cope up. Hence, they keep looking for escapes out of the body whichever way possible.

According to the research of Candace Pert, body is somehow our subconscious mind.

Different emotions affect the body differently. Anger and pride make the neck, head and shoulders burn and raged. While love brings an uplifted ecstasy in the chest. On a similar note anxiety and stress bring a burning sensation near the chest. Depression makes the whole body highly weak and affects the limbs.

Hence, psychologists have been emphasizing on various techniques and habits in daily life that can release this kind of emotional stress on everyday basis. It becomes obvious that every individual accumulates this stress mentally and more importantly physically as well.

There have been various ways psychologists suggest to keep a check on the abundance of these physical consequences and extremity of the mental health deterioration. From exercises to yoga and from food habits to use of products that enhance positivity and serenity in daily life.

We from ADAB not only believe in making products with vibrant colors and unique prints, we believe in making sure that we meet the needs of every day class. People have become so habitual of stress and physical tiredness that instead of working towards it they accept the dilapidated state of their physical and mental health.

Though there are many categories which make use of vivacious colors and prints, the category that can help reduce such problems is Mrs. Support System. This collection has pillows that have been designed after heavy research and thorough development of a pillow and pillow filler that is the finest and the most comfortable in its entirety.

 The pillow is crumble resistant and odour free to make it fit for longest use. These pillows are more durable than any other brand and becomes better after every wash.  We provide easy to use materials and this pillow is also home washable. And keep your worries aside because nothing is going to happen to the content filled in. Neither the substance gets accumulated at just one side nor does its shape and comfort go off.

The most specific feature of this collection is its unique seven layer technology.  This pillow has seven layered filling which makes it highly recommended for people with cervical or migraine problems. The comfort releases the tension in the shoulders and neck and gives a very sound sleep which results in stress free and emotionally elevated daily life.

A perfect support system collection is a recommended solution for problems which are reaching heights in today's fast paced lives. Not only making people free of emotional, mental and physical stress but also giving them a reason to sleep long and sleep well.

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