Noted Differences Between Flat And Fitted Bedsheets Explained

Before we introduce you to the concept and the difference between flat and fitted bedsheets, we would advise you to use only the best linens for bed furnishings, no compromises on quality thereof. Yes, we understand that the costs are a little too steep for the high-quality Bed linen sets and linens, but remember, the one-hundred percent cotton used in the manufacturing process, keeps your body, mind and soul in peace and with a touch of royalty too. The skin gets to breathe, stays cool or warm as per the climes and the longevity of the sheets are for eight to ten years as well!

If you are so keen on eminent designer wear to doll up in, and wouldnt mind pinching the pocket too, why wouldnt the same be for your dose of comfortable sleep, every night?

Luxury bedsheets and lining per se are incredible to use, touch, feel and are around in a wide range of styles, patterns, embellishments, décor accents and hem-stitches to choose from!

Apart from being skin-friendly and chic to touch and visualise, think about the investment being made on them; for style and health too! And now that we’ve made it known as to why luxe Cotton bed sheets are a must for every home, let’s discuss the finer details of flat and fitted sheets too!

In most homes, a flat sheet is used as a top sheet or referred to as one by that term.

The flat sheet

In most homes, a flat sheet is used as a top sheet or referred to as one by that term. This is a sheet that is placed in the middle of your blanket and the body. In doing so, the body wouldn’t be pricked by the pesky fibres of the blanket, and makes the bed very inviting to jump into. Top sheets or flat sheets also keep the dirt away, which means the blankets don’t gather dust and grime.

Should you be using an Egyptian cotton flat sheet for the warm summer nights, the humble bed furnishing can be used as a cover for the body!

Fitted bedsheet

A fitted sheet is one that covers a bed or a mattress in totality, sparing no inches to go bare around. With elastic sewn into the bed furnishing at each corner, it is exactly the concept of using elastics that hold the sheet in its place- hence the name ‘fitted’. Such sheets are sold solely or with open stocks to clear, and some sell it as a complete bed furnishing set too.  With the help of a fitted sheet, the blanket or the individual sleeping on it doesn’t have grime, dust and dirt settling on them! The skin is given a soft treat to enjoy in chic jacquards and stripe bed sheets!

A fitted sheet is one that covers a bed or a mattress in totality, sparing no inches to go bare around.

Differences between flat an fitted sheets

  • While flat sheets are flat, and they fold easily with utmost neatness, fitted sheets on the other hand can be a challenge to do the same. They have elastic corners which don’t allow the sheet to lie down smooth and flat, and one has to pull the sheet across the mattress for it to stay put!
  • Flat sheets are placed over fitted sheets, while the latter keeps the mattress safe from dust, dirt and grime.
  • Flat sheets are the reason why the bed looks so inviting, and they do not need regular washing and can be used as a cover when the climes aren’t too cold or hot!
  • Fitted sheets do not follow the ‘one size fits all’ rule. If they do not pull snugly over a certain mattress type, and if they aren’t tucked into each edge too, or if they aren’t pulled off easily, the purpose then remains redundant to say the least.

Investing is the name of the game for the best days ahead to enjoy

While good quality bedsheets and Duvet Covers are made from the finest Egyptian cotton threads, a thought of investing into the luxe product should be of top priority. Yes they are worth the price, which is why flat sheets made from Egyptian cotton or prima are most preferred in India. One touch and feel of the finest bedsheets made from such fabrics, and you’d never want to compromise on the importance of a good nights sleep!

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