A Makeover For The Graphic Designer’sArtist Bedroom

A Makeover For The Graphic Designer’sArtist Bedroom-Your Hubby Would Be Impressed

Your husband is mostly the provider of the house, and you manage the whole saga for the month. His talents and skills are well-known across the IT industry, with chic and very intricate graphic designs he brings forth for the various advertisements he creates. And sometimes, a single romantic gesture from his creations towards you also brings in the element of togetherness, love and bonding. It is thus time to pay it back, and with utmost love that too. It is time for the bedroom furnishings to match his mise-en-scene tastes at work. Think of chic and very luxe quality graphic cotton bedsheets for him to sleep on.

A Makeover For The Graphic Designer’sArtist Bedroom-Your Hubby Would Be Impressed

Choose from a myriad range

One look at the choices around, and you would be amazed at the high-quality Egyptian cotton sheets to be found. Chic in designs and styles, so manly for his likes too- hubby dearest would be happy as ever and who knows, he may just surprise you with more romantic gestures this Diwali too.

In most probabilities, and men as we know love solid colours with luxe touches; caring about his peaceful sleep at night is a must as well. With the rigmarole he deals with almost everyday; deadlines to meet, brainstorming sessions to endure, sometimes too much pressure on every intricate touch he brings forth on the graphic sagas- it can be a battle to deal with. Show him a little more love and spread a sheet of comfort; do that in style.

While Diwali is almost round the corner and last year he offered you a whole set of floral patterns to bring in the season of Spring in the bedroom; up the ante on romance a little more and bestow the bed with stripes and patterns that would stir his creative mind too. If you really want to check out what we are talking about, take a look at the

Place a side-table by the bed, a place he can call comfortably his own. The side-table would be a haunt for his techno-gizmos to rest, his ashtray should he fancy a puff or two, and a glass with a bottle of his favorite drink- he loves his shandy while being at work, even when he’s home, doesn’t he. For easy maintenance of the sheet, look at the range of graphic cotton sheetsthat endure spills and stains, wrinkles too. May we suggest the

We hope you loved these suggestions for hubby dearest, as much as we loved sharing our thoughts with you. Keeping your husband happy as he does the same for you; the perfect miracle to a happy wedded life!

Enjoy the festival of lights, while the family bursts crackers and wishes one another all the abundance and prosperity ahead, your husband would be showing you a little more gratitude than the usual- each graphic cotton bedsheet you pick, speaks of your attachment to him!

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