Heard of ‘Backne’ Caused by Bedsheets

Heard of ‘Backne’ Caused by Bedsheets? What is ‘Backne’ and Why Blame Bedsheets

“You get a little hot at night, so what? Well, the thing is, your bed sheets could actually be irritating your naked skin, explains Jenefer Palmer, founder of all-natural, marine-based skincare line OSEA Malibu. “Consider wearing pajamas and washing your sheets regularly with an organic, non-fragrance, hypoallergenic kind of laundry soap.”

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What is acne?

Ever seen those chest eruptions, the face pimples so pesky and red, and unwanted skin issues of the back? Those are common acne traces that the naked eye would see. Acne happens when the skin pores are blocked and clogged, namely because of the accumulation of dead skin cells, bacteria, grime, and believe it or not, because of the King size bed sheets fabric quality too.

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While research blames the occurrence of acne on-

  1. Lifestyles
  2. Genetic pre-disposition
  3. Diet factors
  4. Personal health and hygiene
  5. Cosmetics and toiletries et al, one cannot ignore the fact that acne on the back is for real, and bedsheets can cause them as well.

Dealing with propionibacterium acne

Propionibacterium is a type of bacteria that thrives on our skin, along with other unseen microorganisms. The bacteria in question produce enzymes and chemicals that bring on the onslaught of inflammation. Whiteheads and blackheads are formed because of the bacteria, which rupture over time and release a whole load of sebum, dead skin and bacteria, along with white blood cells – attacking other healthy skin cells and tissues around.

Human nature (which we should stop) is that we pick on the formations and lesions, before the healing process happens. In doing so, we expose the raw skin underneath which isn’t ready to face the elements around. Irrespective of what you use, you wouldn’t be able to further accelerate the process of healing. And sometimes an overdose of lotions, potions and creams can do more harm than good. Popping acne and pimples on the back should be stopped, right now!

Prevention is better than cure -The old adage holds truth here, which is why picking up the right bedsheets and of luxe super good quality is a must.

Acne mechanica

The issue of acne mechanica would be stopped in its roots when pressure, excess heat, friction and skin rubbing using low-quality bedsheets are shunned for good.  Too much heat and pressure for the skin is not allowed, and that is why cosmetologists the world over advise clients to wear clothing or use fabrics that wouldn’t set the ball rolling for the bacteria to thrive under. Breathable fabrics, such as one-hundred percent pure Egyptian cotton sheets are the best to combat such issues, and to spruce bed lining too.

Bad habits can lead to Backne too

Dermatologists across the world have exposed how our hands when in contact with the skin, can transfer germs, leading to acne and backne alike. Imagine the low-quality thread count bedsheets, not showing you what’s hidden deep within their crevices, -germs, bacteria and grime alike, and the same touching your palms, which are transferred on to your bodies! Eeeks!

Check the laundry detergent

Very important to keep a tab on which laundry detergent you use for your clothes and sheets, especially keeping in mind the elements we Indians face. If your skin is sensitive and prone to acne, picking laundry detergent with herbal notes and touches in them is advised. Harsh chemicals sometimes cling on to the fabric, and can cause more harm when they come in contact with the skin. Highly comedogenic as they are, skip the detergent that promises instant whitening for the 100% Egyptian bed sheets- they have bleach that can promote skin issues.

Sleeping naked

While some of us during the hot summer months and without an aircon prefer sleeping in bare essentials, or nude (nothing to be ashamed off), sleeping nude means allowing the sheets to accumulate all the body sweat and grime, right on to its surface. The sebums have made their home on the sheets and some of it has solidified onto the pores of your skin too. In most cases, one would not change the sheets each morning- now imagine what a build-up of sebum on the sheets can do to your back, when you sleep topless or naked!

So yes, without the right high-quality Limited edition prints for the bed, bought and used- expect a host of skin issues such as backne to harrow your peaceful nights sleep, and your self-esteem too!

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