Keeping Your Little One’s Warm And Toasty This Christmas –Homemade Braided Rugs

It is not only the kids who cringe at their bare feet being exposed to the cold floors every winter, but the same is what happens when we adults make first contact using our feet each morning. And no matter how many pairs of socks or stockings we make the little ones wear; while playing, they tend to slip out and fall off- sometimes done on purpose. Yet they want the warm touch or else brace yourselves for the hue and cry that would shatter the peace of the house.

What do you do?

Installing floor to wall carpets would be a very expensive affair for a short-lived wintry clime our country has. And that is why most homemakers are now looking at braided rugs for an answer- the best thing that could have happened for bedroom furnishings so far. From chic touches to the child’s room to matching the kiddies duvets and in keeping the little angels warm and toasty while they play, braided rugs bring down the energy bills too- no heaters to run wild this winter!

But why spend a bomb when you can reuse your sheets to make a chic braided rug at home? You do not necessarily need to have the knack to sew or a sewing machine for that matter, but as a non-sewer and a doting mom, if you want to have your child warm and safe while the harsh winters are on, recycling your bedsheets to make a cozy woven braided rug would be the ideal thing to do.

While we all chant the GO GREEN mantra, let’s go ahead and make a difference indulging in upscaling or reusing old bedsheets at home

Eco-friendly touches

While we all chant the GO GREEN mantra, let’s go ahead and make a difference indulging in upscaling or reusing old bedsheets at home to make a new braided rug for the kids. It is a fun activity as well, where your kids can get involved to create their own patterns and ideas, designs and styles as well. There is so much more than just decorating the child’s room or recycling an old bedsheet when thinking of making a braided rug for the kids- think about the quality time you would get to spend with them, and the bonding too!

Without much ado

We’ve spoken enough on the functionality and the emotional connect of creating a home braided rug, friendly enough for your child, so let’s take a look at how to make one at home- shall we?


1.      Grab any sheet of your choice and preferably two for colour coordination to happen
2.      For winters, it would be wise to use warm and dark colours, while the reverse would be for the summer months in India
3.      Cut the sheets lengthwise into one inch strips or two inches if you please, and the same would be for the width too.
4.      You would now have plenty of strips from the reusable bedsheet to play with
5.      The accuracy of the strips would be solely at your discretion- you get to choose
6.      For a rustic touch, let the jagged edges beam bright!
7.      Time to join the strips and for that you would need to take three long strips and sew them to make one long braid.
8.      Braid the three by first sewing the top end and forming a pretty knot, and once the braid is done, do the same with the bottom end too.
9.      You now would have a bunch of braids, which with the help of sleek wide ribbons can be contoured at the edges- make a square shaped boundary from left to right on the top and the bottom, and then top to down on either sides with ribbons.
10.  Sew the ribbons and the boundary is made, while keeping the braids either loose within or a stitch in between would keep them secure. For a perfect finish, sew the braids within that care coiled with simple needle and thread techniques.

Voila, the perfect braided homemade rug from an old bedsheet for the little one’s room!

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