Ruffled Pillows And A Bedsheet- How To Make Bachelors Choose The Right Bedspreads

A mentioning of the ‘bachelor pad’ and the first thing that comes to the visual minds would be that of hanging dirty linen, clothes strewn all over, undies in a bunch and socks or shoes nesting themselves anywhere and everywhere. Let’s not even get started on the situation of the bedroom, the bedsheets and more. Sources say, on an average a bachelor changes his sheets just four times a year.

Explain to him how to choose the bedsheet(s) he would like to have for his bedroom.We really wouldn’t know if that is true and wouldn’t want to put that as the truth for all, because the new-age bachelor is a confident young working man with a sense of style and panache of his own. He has tastes and class, and would like to make his nest a comfortable zone for his buddies to hang out in, or for his beau to cozy up with. But then again, the newbie bachelors who have just started out on their own, wouldn’t have a clue when dolling up a bedroom comes in question- let’s teach them how and lend a helping hand, shall we!

Understand his lifestyle and personality

He’s done with his internships, and now is a working professional with a mind of his own. While as his parent you have been backing him through the ebbs and flows of life, managing his home needs too, it is time to respect his lifestyle and personality and help him brawn up his bedroom just as he would like it to be.

Remember, he wouldn’t have the time or the energy to come back and rearrange his bed every night, unless of course he has domestic help round the clock to manage that for him. But teach him how to pick up sheets that would last long and would be aesthetically pleasing and very functional too, sans high maintenance. This is how it would be a win-win situation for the two of you!

Cottons for the climes

Irrespective of where he would be posted for his job, the best and the safest bet would be to help him pick cotton bedsheets or Egyptian cotton designer bedsheets preferably. With high thread count to its name, the Egyptian cotton bedsheets would allow him to have cosy and restful sleep at night. In addition to that, the sheets have long staples that allow air circulation for the skin to relax in. so no more sweaty moments during summer nights and no shivering nights to deal with while the winters are on. Egyptian cotton bedsheets thus are easy to maintain and fit for the Indian climes- all season!

Is he someone who would change his sheets often?

The ruffled pillows would say it all, and if they aren’t ruffled, your son then is a man who likes his surroundings neat, tidy and very organised. If he is a man who doesn’t change his sheets often- twice a fortnight at least; gift him a set of fitted sheets, which would manage the rigmarole of changing sheets quite often and with low maintenance to deal with as well. If your son is particular about the sheets he sleeps on, you then could have a set of flat sheets presented to him. Let him choose his designs and styles- it is his nest that you are helping spruce up!

Explain the nitty gritties

Explain to him how to choose the bedsheet(s) he would like to have for his bedroom. Start from explaining to him the importance of bed sizes, designs, colours and styles, and then go on to helping him select the right duvet covers, bedspreads, cotton pillow cases and more. Also bear in mind the importance of his health- should he be allergic to certain fabrics or has allergies, choosing cotton sheets then would be the safest best available!

We hope these tips come in handy when choosing sheets for your son is spoken off! No wonder they say, teach a man to fish and he would never go hungry a lifetime- your future daughter-in-law would be a happy woman, marrying a self-made man!

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