Linen Revolution in Bath Linens

There have been a revolution in linen industry over last few years and we have witnessed the deep interest of linen in textile industry and there are various factors behind the success of Linen. It is a completely eco-friendly and green material which has natural ability to keep you cool and gives itself a natural look. It’s a very long lasting material and the latest step taken towards innovation in last few years have been Linen emergence in Bath linens such as Linen towels.

Linen is very commonly used in towels. Most of the European countries have been using linen towels for a long time now, in fact in countries like Italy, Linen was originally used to make towels. The reason why people used Linen towels was its durability and intact sheen for ages.

Towels - Bath linen

We all have grown up with Linen towels and any one of us can easily advocate the benefits and qualities of linen. One of the foremost reason to use linen is of course the long lasting effect. Remember your childhood when your mother used to wrap you in that comfortable and cosy linen towel, if you still have one, just look that the sheen of that towel, it will surely amaze you for so many reasons. They are truly timeless and elegant as ever.

If you want to have the true feel of linen towels, use a terry towel and then your linen towel. The feel you get from linen towel is remarkable and something to die for. Since most of the people have now started using terry towel because of its sheen and fluffy feel but if you start using linen, it will get softer as you start washing and using it. The quality of natural fibre makes it get softer day by day with constant use.

The basic difference between terry towel and linen towel is that the terry towel will absorb the water leaving your body extremely dry at the end, however the linen will invigorate the skin and keep your skin very healthy at the end. Another big difference is that terry towel usually take more time to get dry but linen has the antimicrobial quality which doesn’t get sour in summers and humid weather. Linen is authentic yet classy at the same time.

In today’s world it’s very important that you focus on the product which is environment friendly and linen surely fulfils that requirement along with a great feel. It doesn’t take much effort to dry linen in comparison to terry towels which consumes a lot of time in cleaning and drying. Even if you dry linen outside in natural air, it won’t lose its sheen and softness.

Sometimes you may feel that the money you spend on buying a linen towel is as double as a terry towel but spending that money is really worth and you will see that product will stick to you for ages. 

The entire world is catching on to green products and being eco-friendly. It’s time we get back to basics and start using something which was marvellous as ever.

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