Grandma Added A Pinch Of Salt Before Washing Her Luxurious Bed Linen Which Left Me Speechless!

We’ve been washing our bed linen for many years now, and one thing that we always pay a lot of attention to would be the removal of stains for sure, but most importantly, the quality of detergent being used. No one fancies a shrunken designer bed sheet or Pillow Covers to use at the end of the day, and shrinking happens because of the harsh chemicals in the detergent being employed.  Moreover, whites should be washed with whites only, says grandma. And one more tip that leaves us amazed is the use of table salt to wash sheets for higher longevity- Here’s why!

Now we know why those lovely vintage white Egyptian cotton sheets

Hacks to keep those sheets long lasting

  1. Did you know that plain vinegar used in the washing of sheets (half a cup to a bucket of water with one sheet) can help as a final rinse. Vinegar is acetic acid, which helps restore the balance and fluffiness of the sheet’s thread.
  2. With distilled white vinegar (1 cup) and a teaspoon of white salt, the sheet’s patterns, designs or prints would be safe and protected while being washed. Salt is known to soften the fabric, when mixed with vinegar.
  3. Salt has a bleaching effect when mixed with white vinegar, which is an assurance of the whitest whites to have when washing your sheets in the machine. And salt doesn’t allow static clings to happen when used as a washing agent too.
  4. Yellow stains from sweat under our arms or from the grime on our scalp can transfer onto our sheets and Designer and Decorative pillow covers in India, duvets or any bed furnishing. The odor too remains as well. Grandma used a bottle of white vinegar and two tablespoons of salt with the first spray on the affected area sans detergent to begin washing her sheets with.
  5. Linen is known to house oils from the body, grime and dirt from around, which is why dust mites thrive and bring in the health issues we really don’t want to battle. Once a week, soaking the sheets in a cup of salt with warm water does the trick of defumigation. 
  6. To keep brighter colors bright, use a cup of salt for the washing routine. This is because if you have hard water to wash with, your sheets would lose their sheen and shine over time. Fibers get a dingy look and hence using a cup of salt for three sheets or more in two buckets of water to soak with, helps the washing and maintenance of the sheet in better ways. Salt fights against the hard water perils and keeps your fabric safe and bright!
  7. Fill the machine with water as required and then use salt to dissolve completely in the liquid. Throw in the sheets and give it a spin. This allows better soaking to happen. Add the detergent in the next spin and then give the sheets a good wash. Remove from the machine tumbler and switch the dryer on to avoid spots and stains from happening or clumps too!
  8. A mix of baking soda (half a cup) to salt (quart cup) and a bucket of water helps remove the mildew and stink that could have formed over the sheets and Pillow covers online. From cigarette smells to cat pee, liquid stains to sweaty odors, believe grandma when she says they would all go.
  9. Baking soda and salt also helps soften the fabric, which keeps the satin white sheets long lasting and in good shape for a very long time to come.
  10. A pinch of salt for pillow cases too would help remove odors and smell!

Now we know why those lovely vintage white Egyptian cotton sheets at grandma’s house never faded! Use these hacks and give your sheets a lifetime’s insurance!

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