Pillow shams for Quick makeover

Sometimes you come across a situation when you need a quick makeover in your bedroom. Some guests are arriving with a short notice and you want to have an easy makeover and good looking bed room then trying Pillow shams is an excellent way. It can give you a quick and convenient way of designing your room in a minimal time frame. It’s the fastest way to lighten up and switch up the look of your bedroom.

Pillow Shams

Pillow Shams for quick makeoverPillow shams are designed in a way that they can be covered on a bed pillow, decorative pillows and accent pillows. The specific feature of pillow shams is their opening from the back which is easy to take off for washing and sleeping. Besides the usual pillow covers which comes with bed sheet sets, pillow shams are also designed and available in different shapes and sizes with some unique designs.

Pillow Shams and Bed Sheets

There are number of ways and styles of pillow shams by which you can uplift the beauty of your bed room.

There is something known as body pillow shams which are perfect for daybeds and cushions. These long pillows give you the unique look of a couch and provides you the extra comfort and cushioning for some specific activities like relaxing, reading and watching TV. You can cover your body pillows which such decorative pillow shams and portrays a complete and perfect look of your bed room. They are easy to uncover and clean which is all the more reason for you to have a bunch of them in your closet. You can try to have micro suede body pillow shams for a glamorous look and the entire furniture will look like a sleek piece.

Another great way to style your bed is by having Euro style pillow shams on your bed. They are easy to keep and clean. Such pillow shams are very attractive to look at and usually becomes the focal point on your bed. You can try and pair euro sham with a bold coloured bed sheet for a complete look.  You can also pick up patterned pillow shams and match them with some pastel colour bed sheets.

Shifting from a regular pillow to throw pillow is the quickest way to add glamour to your bed room. They are unique in look and gives your room an instant change and sheen. You can have throw pillow shams in bright colours and add them as an addition in your bed pillows. Mostly they are kept to add some style and brightness in the room if paired correctly with the décor. For a vintage look you can have floral pillow shams and for a more homely look, having a quilted pillow sham will be a perfect fit.

Pillow shams are usually done to enhance the overall look of your house. Sometimes when you feel that you are getting short of the colours in your room then adding bright coloured pillow shams is a best way to uplift the décor and look. Apart from the style they also add additional warmth in the room and gives you a comfortable and more homely feeling.

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