It’s probably human behavior to look up to a successful personality and follow them in admiration. While some know the fine line between admiration and obsession, some do not. Fan following goes bizarre when people start using the products only their favourite star is promoting or eat food according to their diet plans. Trust me it gets as bad as people getting plastic surgery to look like their star studded personality. Anyway, what makes people curious is the lifestyle of these stars; their opinions, choices, ways and personal secrets as well. So, the fun today is to know which of our product would suit which personality in accordance to their aura and lifestyle.

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This newbie actor has been creating whole lot of buzz for his acting and dance grooving but what a lot of people have been admiring him for is his colorful and energetic charm. He remains full of energy and vigor which gets reflected in his interviews, opinions and dress sense. He has been seen donning flower printed blazers and suits and sparkling colors as well.

We recommend Mrs. Select by ADAB for this charmed man. This collection is created by workers specially giving immense attention to unique and colorful designs. The designs are not ordinary but are made with detailing and focus on color variations. This collection would suit a person with extreme vigor not just to feel the positive vibes but to spread the positivity all around. Experience it while in your room and have a sleep that’s colorful and peaceful as well.


The Captain of the Indian Cricket Team sounds of bulk of responsibilities and credibility. He is a great cricketer with huge sportsmanship and team management capabilities. In his captainship the team has won maximum series and not only this nation, he has earned name and respect globally as well. It’s not just the everyday people who go gaga over Mahi but international players as well. What people admire him for is his coolness. He has tagged as Mr. Cool by his team mates. He is a man of patience and coolness in his behavior which makes him a down to earth personality.

We recommend Mrs. Cocagne for our Captain Cool. This collection has the finest cotton used for its making. The fabric is the finest on earth and so is the processing. The most elite collection by ADAB, this collection not only is subtle but also gives a very rooted feel which is exactly appropriate for a man of temperament as cool as his.


The BigB of Bollywood is a name of grandeur. A man whose face looks like a symbol of peace and serenity and his lifestyle, an inspiration for magnificence. His works have seen a huge number of failures and better number of successes.  Glory and pride have always been an integral part of his journey, personal or professional. 

We recommend Mrs. Whitica for the senior Bachchan. This collection includes all the magnificent white linens. From bed sheets to duvet covers to quilts, this collection has extra large sized bed sheets and all the quilts are hand woven. Similar to thos glorified actor this collection spreads peache and positivity in the room and surroundings. Serene yet magnificent is the magic of the white.


The Prime Minister of India never looked something ordinary, never did something ordinary, and never has been an ordinary figure. Be it controversial or inspirational, Modi has become a brand name, internationally too. What has been specific to his vision is how he is trying to hold on to the roots of his nation and yet trying to embody the development through international techniques. This fusion of tradition and modern makes him stand apart. His dress sense noticed on various occasions also symbolizes the same. Traditional roots with a plethora of contemporary colors.

We recommend Mrs. Thar for the PM. This collection constitutes bed sheets, duvet covers and quilts. Made by block printing of disciplined pattern this collection finds its roots in Rajasthani folk prints on contemporary colors. The printing done is accurate and not haphazard like any colloquial rajasthaniblock printed linens. The fabric used is the finest of all. And similar to our prime minister’s persona, this collection has limited edition linens.

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