Tips for selecting best bed sheet

You might feel that selecting a bed sheet is just a matter of choosing colour, size and pattern but there is much more to look for while selecting a bed sheet for your room. When it is about a comfortable good night sleep then you must look for weave and fabric of bed sheet instead of just looking for a bright colour and matching pattern. Not only colour which usually determine the feel of a bed sheet but one must look for what is a right kind of sheet. Is it Pima, sateen or bamboo? How can you make sure which sheet is perfect? Well there is nothing wrong or right while selecting a bed sheet. It is all about what suits you best as per your individual needs.

Select bed sheet for you home You must ask few questions to yourself before you make a purchase.

Q1- What is your preference in terms of the feel of bed sheet?

If you really love the feel of a crisp white bed sheet then you must go for a cotton sheet with percale weave. Percale weave is a very tightly woven fabric which is mostly used in day to day sheets. They are easy to wash in machine and very rough and tuff. Such sheets are best in 300-400 thread count and are perfect for daily use. They are easily machine washed and extremely convenient for dryer.

Q2- Do you prefer soft sheets?

In case you actually look for sheets which are very soft in feel then you must select 100% cotton. Most of the 100% cotton sheets are Pima, supima or Egyptian cotton sheets. Supima and Egyptian cotton sheets are made from pima cotton which has very long thread thus making a bed sheet extremely soft and easy to use. Most of these sheets are machine washed and very easy to dry in a machine dryer. In case you are looking for something which is extra soft then choosing sateen weave is the best idea as it provides satiny feel along with natural sheen.

Q3- What is your preference in terms of luxury?

Apart from softness and comfort, in case you are looking for a bed sheet which is completely elite class and stylish then go for silk sheets. These sheets are very soft and lustrous in nature. They are not meant for daily use but using them rarely would surely attract compliments. It is extremely delicate and very expensive but surely add class and sophistication in your bed room.

Q4- Does your focus lies in eco-friendly bed sheets?

It is always best alternative to use a product which is green and eco-friendly. Most of the people are focusing towards eco-friendly products just to save nature. Eco-friendly sheets are usually meant with a fabric which is made from cotton developed without any harsh chemical and pesticides. There is a popular range of cotton which is meant from bamboo and extremely nature friendly. Such sheets are not only soft but are best for daily use. Needless to mention it saves natural resources.

Though there may be other important questions which you might like to ask before purchasing a bed sheet but above mentioned would give you a concrete idea as to what is best for you and why you should focus on these parameters. Even if you are purchasing sheet for your own bedroom or your kid’s bedroom, due diligence must be done because you must be spending good amount of money to buy a perfect bed sheet which is very important factor in your overall health.

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