Top 10 Super Interesting Facts On Bedsheets You Probably Didn’t Know!

Let’s play a little trivia here, shall we? What comes to mind when we say ‘bedsheets’ or Luxury Bed Linen in India!

            A covering for the lovely mattress

            A statement item for the bedroom furnishing, or

            Soft cozy coverings that help with good nights sleep

And there could be more, since bedsheets since time immemorial have played an important role in sprucing up the look of the bedroom and dolling up our beds too. Right from the days of the famous Vedic civilization, and up until now with the new-age of technological advancements around; bedsheets in a plethora of materials and slew designs, intricate touches and art work or craftsmanship have been part and parcel of a sweet-happy home!

Let’s play a little trivia here, shall we? What comes to mind when we say ‘bedsheets’ or Luxury Bed Linen in India!

10 interesting facts since time immemorial from the Indian archives to know off!

Before searching for luxe Bed linen online, read this! While most of us were in the dark, thinking bedsheets were a western concept brought in by the sahibs, what we would be stunned to learn is that our ancient Indian civilization up to the Mughal dynasty has a mentioning of the term ‘bedsheets’ in very colloquial language and art of their times- here are ten facts!

            Ancient Sanskrit texts have a mentioning of the bedsheets in various names- Aastarana, Shayyacchadana, Pracchada, Acchadana, Avastarana, Aachchhaadaka to mention a few

            Ayurveda scrolls have mentioned the importance of using only cotton bedsheets for bedroom furnishings- think Egyptian cotton designer bedsheets when you buy for the festive season

            The epic Ramayana tales have a mentioning of bedsheets, divans and silver beds, when Lakshman (Lord Ram’s brother) visits the palace of Sugreev.

            Mahabharata, another Indian epic mythological tale mentions passages on the tent of Drupada, where silk bedsheets were noticed

            The famous Bible of Sex- Kamasutra by Vatsyayana has mentioned the role of cotton bedsheets that helped spice up the art of lovemaking

            Red colour bedsheets are a must for couples according to Vaastu Shastra to avoid conflicts in marital lives

            The ancient Puranas have a mentioning of bedsheets and so do other ancient scrolls as well

            Kautilya's Arthashastra (300 BC) refers to the yarn as Vastrastarana- the source from which bedsheets are spun!

            “Uttaratthara”- Vinaya Pitaka from Buddhism has a mentioning of the bedsheets too

            The historical Nagarjunakonda valley too has a mentioning of the bedsheets in its art and architecture from the early 3rd century- cushion covers, duvets and blankets et al!


So here were the interesting facts from the ancient times, the new-age days and tips on understanding which bedsheet would be best for you to buy and use. Spruce up your bedroom with chic Pillow Covers and royal Egyptian cotton bedsheets; enjoy a luxurious night of snooze too!

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