DIY Easy Methods To Pre-Treat Stains On Bed Sheets

The importance of pre-treating bed stains before throwing them into the tumbler for a good spin and a wash cannot be underestimated. This is especially for Egyptian cotton designer bed sheets or Luxury Bed Linen in India, those that have the luxe appeal and touch, and you’d like long lasting.

Biological stains are a pain to remove

Getting biological stains from the whitest and brightest of cotton sheets can be a pain to remove. However, instead of discarding the costly sheets away, pre-treat the stains and save the life of these sheets. Here are hacks to employ- read on!

This is especially for Egyptian cotton designer bed sheets

The basics first

When you know the basics on stain removals, you would then know how to begin and how to employ the hacks dutifully. For example;

  1. If the stains are fresh, soak the sheet you bought from a reputed Bed linen online store in warm water at once and then wash
  2. If the stains are an hour old, use a mix of baking soda and cornstarch (1tbsp: 1tbsp) each with a dash of lime concentrate. Apply the paste on the area and soak in warm water for half an hour before washing.
  3. You can use shampoo to pre-treat blood stains- yes, did you know that?

Removing yellow stains and grime

Who doesn’t love their Bed Sheets white or bright? But sometimes the effects of chlorinated or hard water can turn the sheets a dull yellow, which is so not what the end results should deliver. Yellow colored stains are a pain to deal with, and mostly because of biological residue the stains are formed overnight and hard to remove. The stain bonds with the fabric and bleach spoils the thread quality when used.

Washing soda with cold water works effectively on removing old yellowish stains, and since it doubles up as a brightener and whitener too, you can use them on designer sheets, Bedding sets and embellished or printed cotton and satin sheets too.

Begin with pre-treating the stain with cold water, and then apply a mix of washing soda (1 cup) to a bucket of water. Soak the sheet in the mix for half an hour, and then rinse off with cold water. The last rinse should be in a mix of warm water (a bucket) and a cup of white vinegar. Tumble dry and hang, the smells would go and so would the stains.

How to remove blood, semen and other biological stains

Blood, semen and other biological stains from humans and pets (pet lovers would know this) can be removed when the stained area is pre-treated with cold water and shampoo at first. The use of shampoo keeps the softness of the Duvet Cover Sets and bedsheets intact.

What if the stains are fresh?

For fresh stains, any old shampoo when applied on the stain and covered well would do. The shampoo should be absorbed completely into the fabric, and then kept for half an hour. Rinse the sheets first with lukewarm water and then wash off with vinegar in the final rinse.

Final word

Stains in any form are a pain, and if you have bio, grease or body stains on the sheets, use our two tips to handle them all, sans the bone-crushing task to deal with. Cotton fabrics need the most care, and when you use harsh detergents on them, the sheets and Pillow Covers

would be unruly to touch and use.

Take a pledge to check online for more DIY ways to pre-treat stains, which most Laundromats wouldn’t tell you off. Avoid the use of chemical whiteners and bleach, because the chemicals can run amok and kill the fibers of the Quilt Covers and bedsheets!

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