Various types of bedsheet fabrics explained- Bedsheet business for dummies

While picking and choosing from a range of bedsheets online or from reputed brick and mortar outlets close to where you are, there are many considerations to make-

  1. Various Types of bedsheet fabrics explainedThe colour
  2. The size of the sheet
  3. The style
  4. The designs
  5. The cozy factor and more

But the most important of them all and above too, would be the fabric quality. The fabric quality is what you should with your bare hands check for, and here is a fabric guide for bedsheets that can help you pick the right one too.

A mini guide pertaining to bedsheet fabrics explained

  1. Heard of combed cotton? This is a fabric quality where the cotton has undergone procedures so fine, where the smallest of fibres have been shunned away and the impurities in the material done away with. The end result is smooth, soft and very cozy fabric to touch and feel
  2. The famous Egyptian cotton is everyone’s favourite, and it has very long staples that are grown only in the fertile soils of the River Nile, Egypt. Strong, durable and very beautiful or lustrous to say so, Egyptian cotton is of the highest cotton quality for bed and linen needs. The thread count with Egyptian cotton is always the highest and hence the luxe factor in bedsheets comes through.
  3. Talking about flannel, we would say it is an amalgamation of various cottons. Here the thread count is taken into account where quality is concerned. What is most important to understand here would be the ounces of material per square yard of fabric. The best quality of flannel would be four or more ounces of per square yard, which is why for those living in wintry climes and in need of warmth, choose flannel sheets
  4. Percale is close-woven and combed, and can be poly-cotton blended too or 100 percent pure cotton as well. The quality is fine to look, touch and feel, and in comparison to muslin, it would be softer too. The wrinkle factor with percale is the lowest!
  5. There is a difference between SATEEN and SATIN. While both are weaves and not fibres, Sateen looks like silk but isn’t, and is made from natural fibre weaves. The lustre with sateen is more though. When it comes to Satin, the fabric is a weave combining polyester, cotton, acetate and wool or silk, and hence the sleek look for the smooth effect comes through with such sheets.
  6. Grown in USA, Peru and Australia, Pima is cotton based and are of the cheaper quality of thread count. Mostly used in dormitories and budget motels, Pima is best for its low maintenance and easy use. Doesn’t have much of a luxe touch though!
  7. One look at silk fibre and you would fall into temptation, well who wouldn’t? the luxe and very desired sheet made from silk fibre is everyone’s choice to doll up their bedrooms with, but for the Indian climes and should you have pets and kids around- using silk fibre bedsheets isn’t advised that much. Made from the silkworm cocoon and spun into weaves thereafter, there are no thread counts for the fabric to be judged with. What makes it special would be the ‘momme weight’.

Fascinating wasn’t it to know more about the fabric types for our bedsheets? We would encourage you to do your own homework and to learn a little more about the sheet fabric you are sitting on right now. Touch and feel its texture and google up a little information about it. Know where the origin of your sheet is from and there are such marvels to discover, you would be sent into a tizzy! And if you find something interesting that we haven’t mentioned, give us a shout and we would like to share it with everyone who wants to buy new bedsheets!

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